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    Sundome discussion

    What did you think about the manga? Were you able to get past the ecchi, borderline hentai parts, and still kept reading the manga? Or did the weirdness ultimately prevent you from reading the rest of the story?
    I personally liked the manga (even with though I usually hate ecchi, but this manga was able to execute it perfectly). Everyone in the Roman Club is likable; it can be over-the-top sometimes, but it does know when it should be funny, and when it should be serious; the relationships between main characters Aiba and Sahana (and even supporting characters Kyouko and Katsu) are well-developed, and interesting. There are two endings here, a sad ending and a happy ending. You are told (or at least hinted at) the sad ending very early into the manga. However, I was so attached to the characters and story, that I just kept telling myself it wouldn't happen, and that there will be a very happy ending

    Overall, I really loved this manga. It's a shame it's already finished, and the bittersweet ending left me moping and sad the entire night last night, and still is making me sad (just finished the last chapter last night). It's easily gone into my top 5 mangas ever (although I don't really read that much manga nowadays), and the second thing in media (movies, tv, videogames, manga/anime/comics, etc) to have ever made me tear up at the ending.

    So, what did you guys think about this manga? Good, bad, too weird? Please discuss, and respect other people's opinions.

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    Re: Sundome discussion

    you mean this?

    I've never heard of it...

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