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^ There is no evidence to suggest that he won't be able to.
I never said that he wouldnt be able to, but some people said that PS would be able to own Naruto with little problem. Its not the case, Madara himself said that power of that technique is comparable to power of Bijuu, where Naruto has power of the most powerful one to his disposition. The clash like that would be real mayhem, for both of them.

IMO, if Madara was that powerful he wouldnt even bother by enslaving Kurama. Moreover, Minato, during his fight with Tobi suggested that Madara was able to control the Kyuubi only for short spans of time. Even with that, its power was worth enough for Madara to summon and use it againt Hashirama, even though he most probably knew beforehand that Hashirama is able to supress Kyuubis powers.