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Poeple really cant read. We are talking about EMS madara and they keep talking about edo or wood release or rinnengen. We dont know if he had mokuton when he was alive and he said he awakened his rinnengan shortly before his death so u want to make an old madara near death fight naruto in BM? Right now we havent seen the extent of ems madara power, we only saw fire style justu, low genjutsu and PS and their is no proof if he has tsukuyomy or amaterasu and their is no proof he can control Kurama when he is inside naruto. So right now with what we know BM naruto has the edge over madara that fought hashi.
EMS Madara with PS would be a better fight against Naruto, but I still think Madara would win. It would be an epic battle though. Madara's fan allows him to block attacks, and the masked man (probably Obito at the time) was able to control the Mizukage, who was a Jin as well. Sasuke has even been shown to suppress Kurama's chakra inside of Naruto. If Madara can completely controll Kurama, he might be able to cut off Kurama from Naruto. Madara can also try to summon Kurama, which has been shown to cause harm to Naruto and leaving an opening. PS has enough destructive force to take down a full BM Naruto.

All in all, just EMS Madara vs Naruto would be a closer fight but I think Madara still has a higher chance of winning.

Against current Madara, edo or not, Madara takes it with relative ease.