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Madara took on the five kages and defeated them with ease using his EMS abilities. I think I can guess where I am coming from. Let's see his other feats:

- Leader of the one of the most powerful clans in the whole ninja world.
- Only second to Hasirmama. They were relatively close in power.
- Abel to manipulate a full-chakra nine tailed beast.
- EMS with perfect sussano, that comes with tsukyomi, amaterasu , arrows, enton, and his susano's massive sword that leveled an entire mountain range. No one lived after seeing his PS sussano back in his glory days.
- He awakened the rinnegan.
- He was known to have a massive amount of Chakra.

And I am not even touching his gunbai, and uchiha gaeshi abilities, and the fact he is a skilled warrior with a load of war experience alone under his belt. How many wars has Naruto fought?

He can simply spam several of his abilities to take down Naruto who is drawing his strength from a weakened ninetail; it doesn't even have the Yin Chakra. I mean, someone like Sasuke was able to suppress Kyubbi and he didn't even have an MS then, and Madara won't be able to take someone like Naruto on. No, just no. This is hardcore Naruto fanboyism. There is NOTHING in the manga that shows it can break a perfect sussano. Nothing. Arrows are too fast, and when Naruto goes into a TBB mode, he'll die with Amatersu alone.

Naruto doesn't have a chance.
I think you underrate naruto too much. Nowhere in the manga it is said madara has a large chakra pool, it only says he has strong chakra. He is only able to spam because he is edo and has hashirama power. For tsukoyomy and amaterasu their is no proof you need the two to unlock susano because sasuke as no feat using it and the databook stating it is kinda old and out date at the moment. And i dont get where you found madara can use susano arrow or enton, only sasuke showed he is able to use it.

And stop assuming naruto has a weaken kurama, the fourth sealed half the chakra in naruto but Kurama's chakra has regenerate since 16 years and we dont know if madara has any control on him and stop saying PS is cant be break by a bijuu or will stomps naruto BM when madara himself said a bijuu is comparable to PS. Plus its no use comparing Hashirama to madara because hashirama is a worst match up for naruto than madara because of mokuton.