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lol man you make me not want to ever respond to someone who isnt a seasoned narutobaser. because all of you are the same, make stuff up and try and make it seem like i said it.

1. show where madara was killed 2-3 times in his fight with the kages. otherwise pure Bs

2. kurma has nothing to do about this thread? there wouldnnt be a BM naruto,Tbb, or any of that if there was no kurma inside of him.
What manga are you reading?

3. madara had complete control of kurma when he soloed him and made him his summon. naruto wouldnt have control of kurma if it wasnt for jairya,minato,his mom.

4. madara soloed and controlled kurma all within probably a day, go read up on your manga facts.

1. Did you miss when he used meteor? or when he received a jinton in the face ? or when the kage made their last hit together? It was all because he is edo,
he wouldnt have use PS if edo didnt regenerate him first
2-3-4. I dont get where you are going with it. Why you are saying naruto only has kurama because of his parents? Its not a thread about who had kurama first or who controled kurama easily,
its a thread about naruto who has kurama vs madara so what you are saying is irrelevent