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1. dont ASSUME

2. at least i backed up my theory/opinion....450 post and NOT ONE PERSON ACTUALLY EXPLAINED HOW MADARA WINS, and no one proved my counters wrong either

3. I PROVED THAT NARUTO HAD A COUNTER FOR EVERYTHING MADARA HAS (every link i posted was in the manga)...most people is this thread have NOO proof..people are just posting but cant back it up

im no where NEAR a naruto fanboy....i like naruto because he's the main character and all... but i only have 1 fav character and it's not naruto AT ALL

4. the thread started getting disrespectful people in it, some people started giving madara moves he doesnt have, MOST people cant explain HOW madara wins, AND there are people just posting completely irrelavent things

your right you do have freedom but if you dont like this thread why are you so concerned that you keep coming back?

Look this is all i have to say to it, in my opinion i don't believe Naruto can beat Madara in a one on one fight not now anyway because
Madara has what like 80+ years of battle experience plus he was born during a time when war was a common thing. So i'd say Naruto needs to get some battle scars first before he steps in the ring with someone like Madara.
I never stated i didn't like the thread just quite the opposite, but these thread will always attract disrespectful people. I'm not crucifying you dude like everyone else has, I just think Naruto needs a little more experience under his belt; now maybe if naruto was already like 20-21, hell yeah he would stomp madara, In the mud, through the earth, to the core of the earth.