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Naruto will beat madara with plot ofcouse, but madara rapes him even without edo in a Legit fight

madara's ps is supposed to be equal with a bijuu yes.. but even tho he is not an edo.. he would still be able to have more amount of chakra - naruto's bm would only last 5 minutes.. and i doubt he can finish him at that time..
in that case naruto only got sm clones to back him up - but madara can easily counter that

naruto has shown to counter wood release with the massive rasengan attack.. but all those can also be countered wit madara's mokuton susanoo' clones attacks
madara has only shown us pretha path which would'nt help him much since naruto can make clones and use mini TBB - he wont be able to absorb them all i suppose

also in a taijutsu fight.. madara has his pretha path to absorb bm naruto' attack + his fan as we seen in chapter 601..
1. naruto stands a good chance if madara wasnt EDO

2. your speculating, NO ONE knows if madara has enough chakra to spam perfect susano without EDO

3. BM mode is MAINLY needed for perfect susano, which naruto can just spam/use tbb for 5 minutes (i would just say bm mode and perfect susano cancel each other out)

4. sage mode is naruto's THIRD power, your forgetting naruto STILL has KM mode, while madara doesnt have perfect susano any more (susano is madara main defense)

5. DO YOU REALLLY THINK MADARA CAN SPAM WOOD CLONES WITHOUT EDO??? (wood takes alot of chakra while naruto just uses a basic clone) madara will run out of chakra going by you theory

6. ??? preta path only absorbs ninjutsu...preta path<<<<ANY taijuitsu/sage chakra

7. fan<<taijutsu/frog kata

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show me a manga scan where it says naruto can break ps with TBB
perfect susano=<kurama (perfect susano is compared to "A bijuu" meaning ONE, while kurama has fought FIVE tailed beast in FIVE minutes) that why i put "=<"

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the only thing that can beat madara now is the plot
yea BUT im not talking about EDO madara

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Yes he is. Clearly, you don't know how to comprehend stories. He is talking about Sussano in general. Going by your logic, Sasuke unlocked it a different way, Madara differently, and so did Itachi. When the manga clearly points out with Itachi's explanation that Amatersu and Tsukiyomi unlock the hidden power Sussano. Even a 10 year old can grasp that.
itachi was talking about himself AND i noticed you STILL haven't replied to the link



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lol you turn the discussion into Naruto can taijutsu a fan, thats funny. Madara wouldnt use the fan for hand to hand lol guy. & I though the post is bm Naruto vs non edo Madara not 9 tails vs Madara omg. Naruto in bm can do a weaker variant of Kurama's TBB. you used facts that dont pertain to the discussion. BAKA
your OBVIOUSLY confused, the point of naruto using taijutsu is so madara WILL put the fan away. THAT'S THE POINT

the rest of your post is confusing