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I have tolerated your petty insults a lot here. Not once have I attacked you on a personal level. You are just an insufferably stupid guy, who is getting extremely personal over fictional characters. Reported. It should take effect in a few hours. This forum isn't your property; I can post whenever and wherever I want to. Get off your high horse.
you have insulted me MANY times dont lie, call me a fanboy and a lier AND -rep me FOR NOTHING is disrespectful

dont get mad when i do it to you...what goes around comes around

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However, it is obvious that there is a big difference in power between PS and Shukaku, thats why I do believe PS is closer to Kuramas than Shukakus power.
bro im messing with you i know PS can own 1 tails...PS is compared to probably 7-9 tails