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    Death Note: Reclamation (Chapter 12)

    Yeah I know, this one is out rather quick, but that’s cause it practically wrote itself. This’ll be the last chapter that follows Part I of the anime. After this, I move forward six years to Light’s battle with Near, which I promise won’t have as many chapters in it I’m actually really proud of how this turned out I think I managed to make all of Uric’s assumptions logical instead of making it appear as if he magically knew all the answers Enjoy (And try to guess what video game they’re playing)


    It was the first day of June, as I clearly recall. …That was the day I saw everything leading up to L’s death set itself into motion. I spent almost every waking moment…and non-waking moment of that day in my bed, looking over everything that had occurred up until then, in regards to Kira, that is. Forced to keep by my side until my death, Shahim spent the entire day sitting beside me or walking around, though he did occasionally go downstairs to fetch a cookie for the both of us, with my permission, of course. I could only imagine his boredom at the time, …as if he felt that dropping the Death Note into the human world had brought absolutely no changes to his daily life. He made his feelings known frequently throughout the day, though. …He could be rather annoying at times like this.

    "Aaarrgh! This is so…stupid. Are you really just going to sit here all day?"

    My answer hardly changed every time he asked, so I found it difficult to understand why he continued to do so.

    "It’s a Saturday, Shahim. If you’re that bored, go out and fly around a little. …Spread your wings, for a change. How’s that?"

    "…This kid…is reeeaally starting to piss me off. I swear, his brain is nowhere near as smart as his mouth is."

    "…You know I can’t just leave you like that. If I could, I never would’ve left the Shinigami realm."

    "Yes, you would’ve."

    "Huh? And how do you figure?"

    I had to admit...I loved getting into these arguments with Shahim. They always gave me a reason to chuckle. I held up the Death Note lying beside me as I replied to his ludicrous question.

    "That’s why you dropped this notebook here in the first place, wasn’t it? …To find a reason to leave your realm for a little while?"

    "…Damn it. I should’ve known he’d try to make me look like a fool for saying that."

    "Yeah, yeah, you got me. So, what are you doing right now?"

    "…I’m looking at the number of criminal deaths that have occurred today. Hmm, …that’s rather unusual."

    "Hm? Why, have they stopped dying or something?"

    "…No. Criminals are still dying, but…these are all people whose crimes were committed or announced on previous dates. …There have been about thirty crimes reported so far today, one of which was a sexual assault, …yet none of these people are dead yet."

    "…Oooooh. Now that is rather strange. …What’s that tell you, though?"

    "…Well, it doesn’t actually tell me anything. Light could be taking a break right now, but…I’m not sure, Shahim."

    "There’s no possible way that Light would allow these types of criminals to go unpunished, even on the first day. …Something’s not right here."

    I reached into my pocket to obtain my phone, …but stopped myself midway.

    "No. If something really did happen to Light, one of his parents or, …at the worst, L would end up answering his phone, if it’s answered at all, that is. Hmmm, …I could definitely tell his mother that I was hoping to do something with him, but…L and Chief Yagami probably wouldn’t share her naiveness, …especially L."

    "So? …What do you think?"

    "…I can’t confirm anything right now, but…come Monday, we’ll see if we can sort this all out."

    Shahim let out a long, deep sigh in response to this.

    "So, what? We’re gonna do nothing tomorrow, too?"

    "…Well, I go to church tomorrow morning, so how’s that?"

    "Ugghh, that’s no better than what we’re doing now. …And why do you care so much about going there every Sunday, anyways? You’re already ban-"

    He was forced to stop as he ducked to dodge the pillow I had thrown at him, …both actions of which were pointless, since it only would’ve gone through him, anyways.

    "You’d do well to keep your damn mouth shut, Shinigami! I don’t give a damn where I’m banished to now! I’m not just gonna dismiss God from my life, now that I can’t go to Heaven! What the hell would that say about the type of person I really am, huh!?"

    "…Oh, …yeah. Sorry."

    I rested my arms against my knees before resting my head upon them. …I was really hoping that those feelings wouldn’t have come back to me at this point in time, but the only thing that was keeping back my tears at the moment…was the fact that I had already used them up.

    "No, …it’s alright. Sorry for yelling like that."

    I didn’t look up to meet his eyes, though I could tell that he was searching through his mind for something to say back. Whatever it was, …it was probably going to make me laugh.

    "You, uh, …want a cookie?"

    I was right.

    "…Yeah. I would. Could you…go get me one?"

    "Um, …yeah. About that, I-"

    "Ate the rest of them?"

    "How’d you guess?"

    I shook my head and let out a sigh of my own.

    "Damn you, Shahim."

    "…Alright. Come on."

    "Ooh, boy!"

    The service the next morning was the same as it had been over the past few months, …racked with guilt. I managed to make my entire way through it, though, returning home afterwards, much to Shahim’s relief.

    "Man, I don’t know how you can stand doing that every week! It’s so boring."

    I couldn’t help but smirk.

    "Only to those without faith, my friend."

    "Yeah, whatever. So, what’re you gonna do now?"

    I took a moment before answering to check my food supplies and dirty laundry, as well as the jar of lollipops and plate of cookies that sat on the kitchen counter.

    "Well, …I suppose I should do some laundry later on. Aside from that, I’m free for the day."

    "Hmph, big surprise."

    "Rrgh, why couldn’t an adult or a popular human have picked up my Death Note?"

    "So, …you’re saying you’d rather have a little more excitement than the cookies?"

    "Uh, no-no, I didn’t mean it like that!"

    I always found humor in his…addiction to my mother’s greatest creation.

    "I’m kidding, Shahim. Relax. …How about some video games?"

    "…You’ve had some this entire time?"

    "…I’m a teenager, aren’t I?"

    "Well, …yeah. …But, you’re about as human as I am, so I didn’t expect you would-"

    "Alright, that’s taking it a little too far."

    "Hehe, sorry."

    "Okay, then. Are you up for a few games, …if you can hold a controller, that is?"

    "Better than nothing, isn’t it?"

    "Hmhmhm, …much better."

    He told me once before that Shinigami were capable of looking into the human world from certain places within their own, so I expected that he’d know a little about video games, …though I never expected him to be good at them.

    "How the hell did you-!? Hey, knock that off!"

    "Not a chance! …Damn it, quit throwing fireballs at me!"

    "Well, then quit moving close enough for me to do that!"

    "Fat chance!"

    "Wait a second, how did you…that’s not fair."

    "Hehehe, looks like I win again. It’s amazing that you’re so calm and collective in chess, which you claim is the reason you always win, …yet when you play this-"

    "There’s a fine line between a board game and a video game, Shahim, and that was utter nonsense! You kept on shooting me while I was trying to return to the stage!"

    "Well, why not? So you can jump back up and try to hit me again? No, I’ll just finish you off right then and there. …And another thing. If you’re going to complain when you lose, quit using the same character every time. Maybe, that’s why you lose in the first place."

    Recognizing the childish, …and mildly embarrassing, antics of this argument, I placed it on halt for a moment and looked behind me at the alarm clock positioned beside my bed.



    "We’ve been playing for about five hours. …It’s already past six o’clock."

    "Well, why don’t we…hey! Where are you going?"

    As soon as I noticed the time, I stood up and made for the door.

    "…I forgot to do laundry…and I have classes tomorrow, so, after that, I need to take a shower, which is the one thing I’d prefer you didn’t watch me do."

    "…Yeah, …didn’t plan on it."

    The night was long, …as expected. I spent most of it with my eyes wide open, taking into probability the wide array of possibilities that could occur tomorrow. …I honestly wasn’t looking forward to it.

    My first class of the day begins at exactly eight o’ clock and, up until now, neither me nor Light have missed a single day at the university, so I was reasonably surprised when he was nowhere to be found the next day. I didn’t express my thoughts to Shahim, though, until we returned home.

    "Hey Uric, what’s going on? You’ve been kinda quite today. …I mean, unusually quiet."

    Rather than answer him right away, I walked into the kitchen to grab two cookies and a lollipop, tossing one of the cookies to Shahim, and heading upstairs. Once I was inside my room, I shut the door and sat on my bed before speaking.

    "Shahim, …I think Light’s found his answer to removing L."

    "Huh? Why do you say that?"

    "He was absent from class today, …which is something that never occurs, at least as far back as I can remember. …And new criminals stopped dying a few days ago. …I think L might’ve placed him in incarceration."

    "How can you be certain?"

    "I can’t. You have to realize, Shahim, that every notion I’ve made until now has been based off of nothing more than a hunch. I take every fact I’ve obtained and insert a few of my own, in order to create my own account of these recent events…and, so far, I’ve been rather accurate, which is why I’m taking much greater leaps with my conclusions. …Odds are, Misa gave up ownership of her Death Note, which, according to what you’ve told me, will remove all her memories of it, preventing her from potentially giving up information about Kira. …I believe Light might’ve formulated a plan to remove his own memories of his crimes as Kira and place himself in a position where almost all suspicions about him could be absolved. …In this case, the method would most likely be his own imprisonment, …during which a new Kira will arise."

    "…Wait, hold on! For that to happen, either a Shinigami will have to drop yet another Death Note-"

    "Shahim, I’m gonna have to stop you right there."


    "The entire point of this operation would be to remove L’s suspicions of him and place the blame on someone else, …if only temporarily. Afterwards, he’ll have it arranged so that his memories will be returned, then he’ll see to it that that person dies before he can give the Task Force more information. …For all this to occur, though, two things will have to happen first."

    "And what’s that?"

    "…The first is that either his or Misa’s Shinigami will deliver Light’s Death Note to the new Kira. It must be his, because Light will have to touch his own Death Note again to have his memories returned to him. How he managed to get either Shinigami to agree to this, …I don’t know. It might have involved a bribe of some sort, but it really doesn’t hold much importance. The second thing that will have to happen is…"

    A feeling of dread emerged in my stomach at the thought of this. …I was afraid that it wouldn’t come to this, but…it seems I was wrong.

    "…the Death Note will have to be made known to the world…or, at least, the Task Force."

    It took a moment for Shahim to think of a reply. …I really couldn’t blame him for it, though.

    "…Well, that’s rather unfortunate. Do you think L will start looking to you?"

    "…Not a chance. …L is stubborn, Shahim. He’s not going to take Light’s perceived innocence very lightly after having had such strong suspicions of him before."

    "Wait, how do you know that?"

    "…Because Light is stubborn, Shahim. Anyways, after he loses his memories, from what I know about Light, he’s bound to begin helping L look for his…stand-in. He’s most likely to choose someone greedy and in a position where there’s competition to be eliminated through use of the Death Note. Such a choice will make his killing patterns easy to spot for someone like Light, which will minimize the amount of time he’ll have to go without his memories. But, …as I said, even after all that, it still won’t be enough to remove all of L’s suspicion, so…therein lies a problem for Light. …Hold on a second."

    I needed a moment to think this through, so I closed my eyes and pulled together all my information thus far.

    "Once L has the Death Note, he’ll have knowledge of Kira’s killing methods. …I highly doubt Light’s Shinigami would’ve mentioned the ability to give up ownership of the notebook in the rules, but Light still needs something more solid to stand on. …He’ll have to have a strong alibi to completely remove L’s suspicions, so…wait a minute. …The rules, …how intriguing."

    I opened my eyes, somehow more enlightened.

    "Tell me, Shahim. You’ve mentioned the Shinigami King before. …What’s his…policy on the Death Notes?"

    "Hm? …Well, we Shinigami have rules to follow as I’ve said, but the old man’s not exactly the most enforcing of types. Why?"

    "…What would he say if one of you was to write…fake rules in your Death Note?"

    As he had several times before, Shahim hesitated to answer, only this time, …his initial response…was laughter.

    "…How cunning. …No, he’s not likely to get angry over that…and that’s implying that he even found out about it."

    "…Of course not. If L finds the Death Note, he finds the Shinigami. …Not even the greatest detective in the world could denounce rules written by a Shinigami, unless he knew, for certain, that they were fake. He’ll have no choice but to clear Light, …at which point, all Light has to do…is get rid of him for good."

    It was all falling perfectly into place. …It seems I was right yet again. …L was going to die loooong before Light did. The only question that remained…was how.

    "Yeah, but even then, he still needs to find out what L’s name is. …Or will he just use Misa’s eyes?"

    "…At that point, …that will no longer be an option."


    "You said before that giving up one’s memories of the Death Note also forced them to give up their Shinigami eyes, had they accepted the deal. There’s a chance that Misa might remember his name from when she first saw him, …but that’s highly unlikely after such a long time. And even if she makes the deal a second time, the fact that very few people know who L is will immediately bring suspicion back to her…and eventually Light, as well. …Even if L stuck to his word and told no one that I know who he is, I’m not using my Death Note again until it comes time for Light to die, so…the only one that can kill L without focusing more suspicion on Light or Misa…is the Shinigami who gives the new Kira Light’s Death Note."

    "Ooooh. …Hehehe, well, we both know the odds of that happening. If Light and Misa are found out, they’re going to die, so that Shinigami will have no choice but to lengthen their lives by taking L’s…and I already told you what happens if a Shinigami lengthens a human’s lifespan."

    "…He dies."

    "Exactly, so there’s very little chance of that actually happening."

    "…He’s right. What kind of Shinigami would willingly die for a human, …unless…"

    "…Maybe not, Shahim."

    "Huh? Why not? Who among us would do something so stupid?"

    "…You’ve explained several things about your kind to me in the past. …Shinigami don’t require nutrition, …though they can still eat, as you’ve so humorously shown me. They don’t require sleep, though they can still engage in it. …They don’t require functioning organs, …though they can still perform activities that would normally require them. Now, tell me. …Shinigami don’t need to love, …but can they still do it?"

    He paused yet again, though this time, it was for a much longer period of time. I was honestly starting to worry by the time he let out his usual sinister chuckle.

    "Hehehehehe, …now that’s certainly an idea. So, you think one of the two Shinigami is actually in love with the human who carries their Death Note?"

    "…Yeah. In fact, …I’m certain of it. It’s probably Misa’s Shinigami, but it doesn’t really matter, in the end. …All that really matters is that Light now has a way of disposing of L."

    "Sure looks like it. So, what do you think will happen after that?"

    "…What else? If the world were to find out that even its greatest detective failed to stop Kira, then those who support justice are sure to panic, which, at this point, probably still includes most of the world population. …So, as odds suggest, Light will take on the title of L to keep the world at bay. After all, …he’s the only one who can. With that sort of influence, he’ll be in the perfect position to continue killing criminals for a long time to come."

    That was it. The battle had hardly started between L and Kira, yet I had managed to foresee every event leading up to the former’s death…before even Light could figure it out. It all fit together so well, …it was frightening. I stood up from the bed and walked over to my bedroom window. The sun setting over the quiet suburban neighborhood was surprisingly peaceful. …Oh well, …the calm before the storm, I suppose.

    "Within the next few months, L will be Kira’s next victim. …After that, …I’m still unsure what will be Light's next big challenge…and what will ultimately be his demise."

    I turned back to Shahim with a smile on my face, …the perfect disguise to hide the fact that I was the most wretched human on the face of the Earth.

    "…Well, we have six years to figure it out."

    - The End -
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    Re: Death Note: Reclamation (Chapter 12)

    Great chapter! Can't wait till 13

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    Re: Death Note: Reclamation (Chapter 12)

    Quote Originally Posted by Cobra73 View Post
    Great chapter! Can't wait till 13
    Thanks, man I'll be sure to get it out as soon as possible:D

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    Re: Death Note: Reclamation (Chapter 12)

    Read both chapter 11 and 12 now, and I really like this FF
    Great work as always! ^_^

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    Re: Death Note: Reclamation (Chapter 12)

    Quote Originally Posted by Skylar Knight View Post
    Read both chapter 11 and 12 now, and I really like this FF
    Great work as always! ^_^
    Thanks, man

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