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    Pseudo Jinchuuriki Sora


    Character Information:

    Sora is a monk in the fire temple of the land of fire. He came to be a monk when he was young when his father Kazuma was presumed dead after the coup of the 12 ninja gaurdians. At the temple, Sora trained hard in hopes of some day avenging his father and clearing his name, as Sora refused to believe what a horrible man people claimed him to be. Sora's father during the attack of the kyubi on konoha managed to collect the remnants of the kyubi's chakra and then seal it within sora's body thus creating sora to be known as a Pseudo-jinchuuriki. He had enough chakra stored within him to be able to form a full chakra cloak with four tails. One day he went berserk and destroyed the temple, a place otherwise believed to be an indestructible fortress. Afterwards, he was loathed by some of the monks of the temple, and soon began receiving the same ostracising treatment that Naruto Uzumaki experienced while young.


    Sora has a natural ability for the use of wind natured techniques. He is able to manipulate wind to form powerful gusts capable of lifting and pushing away objects, or create chakra-infused wind blades capable of cutting through most materials. The pinnacle of his wind manipulation is to create a powerful claw composed of chakra-infused wind that he controls as an extension of his own arm. This allows him to use wind elemental technqiues with less hand seals than required. He also has good skill in close quarters combat after being trained in a unique style of the monks temple.

    - To have a Sora bio one must be a member for atlease 2 months
    - Must be atleast a S rank
    - Must have mastered Wind element
    - Cannot possess a Special Biography in their second biography
    - Cannot have Sage mode, KG or Eight gates within this biography
    - Must Attain permission from at least two roleplay mods
    - Must undertake a battle test provided by a RP mod to show mastery of The Biographies abilities.

    Example of Sora's Techniques:

    (Pseudo Kyubi Fukanzen modo) - Simulated Nine Tails Inital mode
    Rank: B
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 20
    Damage points: N/A (+10 to Wind Techniques, +5 to Taijutsu)
    Description: Sora when entering this mode begins releasing red chakra and his right arm turns into a demonic claw due to the nine tails chakra not properly being combined with sora's own unlike naruto. He is then enveloped in a red aura cloak with three tails and long ears. He also Gets red Oval pupils and fangs aswell as his nails on the remaining hand and feet growing into small claws. The chakra cloak is capable of intensly burning the opponent on touch. Whilst in this form Sora gets a bonus to wind and taijutsu techniques and is capable of moving at enhanced speeds.
    Note: The transformation only lasts for 5 turns.

    (Pseudo Kyubi Chon Modo) - Simulated Nine Tails Final Mode
    Rank: A
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 30
    Damage points: (60 for chakra surge) (+20 for Wind Techniques, +15 for Taijutsu Techniques)
    Description: When Entering this mode Sora will begin being surrounded in a black shroud of chakra as his blood begins evapourating into black drops as it completely envelops him a coloumn of black smoke rises into the sky and then suddenly the black shroud is dispersed as sora roars sending a surge of red chakra up to short range. He is then completely enveloped in a black cloak of chakra with four tails much like a minature kyubi but has spikes protruding from his head. Anyone who touches the cloak is burnt from intense heat. Whilst in this form he gets a substantual bonus to his wind techniques, gaining the ability to perform them without handseals and taijutsu techniques. When the form ends he is left laying on the ground skin injured from the continous burning burning damage of the Kyuubi Chakra. In this form, Sora can move on all fours and run at high speeds, matching that of Naruto in his chakra shroud form.
    Note: The Transformation lasts maximum of 4 turns and can only be used once per match.

    (Fūton: Juuha Shou) - Wind Style: Beast Wave Strike
    Rank: C
    Chakra Cost:15
    Damage Points:30
    Description: User creates a slicing crescent shaped wind, able to destroy small objects or create small slashes at the opponent.

    (Fūton: Juuha Reppou Shou) - Wind Style: Beast Wave Violent Wind Strike
    Rank: B
    Chakra Cost:20
    Damage Points:40
    Description: A combo of a wind gut shaped like a claw with cutting wind that push and slice at the same time

    (Hien) - Flying Swallow
    Chakra Cost:12
    Damage Points:20
    Description:A taijutsu attack that makes use of trench knives and the user slashes then in a fury of punches of a 18 hit combo.

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