I really liked this chapter i got some predictions for the next manga to give u guys a idea:

Prediction 1:
1. Kakashi and Rin, Rin was apparently a traither for the mist, kakashi had no other choice then to kill her.
2. Spiral zetsu wont let obito engage in battle since its useless now since Rin is dead.
3. Obito returns to Madara, and thanks him properly ?
Prediction 2:
1. Kakashi stabs Rin, while its actualy White zetsu in disquise but Kakashi and Obito dont know that (this is how madara predicted that he would come back, and thank him properly.)
2. Obito, vows to help madara with his plan afterwards.
Prediction 3:
1. Kakashi stabs Rin by mistake when he got tricked by his enemy and stabs in the proces Rin.
2. Obito falls on his knee's at the scene hes watching with non-believe.
3. Spiral zetsu tells him to return since there is nothing he can do.
Prediction 4: (This is what i hope.)
1. Kakashi stabs Rin: Somehow madara put a spell on kakashi making Rin seem like a enemy and when Kakashi finnaly realized it was Rin he cryed....
2. Obito falls desperatly on the ground and loses his senses, and wakes up somewhere in the forest with still the spiral zetsu attached to him.
3. Obito remains quiet and in the end he decideds to go back to madara and vows to help him with his plan, by thanking him properly for saving him.

Any1 els predicting something?