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I'm completely mind ****ed here as to what is really going down. At first I totally thought this was Madara setting shit up, and used Zetsu clones and what not to get Obito on his side. I mean it is Mist ninjas and we know Madara/Tobi is involved with them at some point around this time. Madara even hints that he knows some crazy stuff is gonna happen, so it seems so obvious that Madara is setting things up.

But there are other things in the chapter that don't make sense if that is the case, like Mr. Spiral telling Obito that he should fight instead of Obito. Why bring that up? Mr. Spiral seemed genuinely concerned for Obito, which he wouldn't be if he knew Madara's plans. I guess he might have been kept out of the loop, but idk. Also I really don't think that Kakashi was a Zetsu clone because of Obito sharing vision with Kakashi's sharingan, it wouldn't make sense if it was a clone. Rin totally could have been, but I still don't think that is the case.

Some people are saying genjutsu on Kakashi, but look at the last page. Kakashi totally looks like he knew what he was doing, and he was crying because he had to kill a friend. As to why he had to kill her, no clue. She could have been a Mist spy or betraying the Leaf somehow. But then there is the problem of Obito telling Kakashi that he didn't protect Rin, which he totally would have said because he killed Rin.

Idk, guess I'll wait till someone smarter than me makes a good theory and believe that till next weeks chapter and toss everything out the window again.

Right about kakashi not being a clone, can't say the same thing about Rin.