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Well they have good reasons to speculate that Kakashi did not do it:
  • Madara's "don't thank me yet" quote. This foreshadows the event and implies that it may have been planned.
  • Zetsu's telepathy communication. Vision counts as information (visual information) so the fact that Obito saw what was happening from the perspective of Kakashi allows people to think it was probably Zetsu and his point of view. Of course, this point can be countered that it was due to the linking of Sharingan and therefore shared vision but no one has seen that happen before.
  • Kakashi's "pact" to take care of Rin with all his might. This can be countered with something like Kakashi not having a choice and had to kill Rin for whatever reason, but the point is it is a strong reason to believe the Kakashi probably did not really do it.

So I really would not call people retarded for speculating with good points. As for me, I'm open to either possibility of whether Kakashi did it or not, but I do think Kakashi may be a Zetsu clone or Kakashi was forced to kill Rin for some desperate reason.
Finally someone used some logic.My therory is that Kakashi that killed Rin is a Zetsu clone but Rin is real I will ether be proved wrong or right when the next chapter comes out there's no point in arguing about it or name calling we are all fans of Naruto