SO with the latest chapter we see Naruto looking Sage like with his Bijuu Pow-Wow. Aside from Shukkaku showing up out of nowhere...I saw one othere Subtle thing that I think was pretty cool!

In its current state, the Juubi's eye is present on the right side of its face, and it does not have another eye.

Interestingly enough, in our Bijuu group-shot, we had every Bijuu showing their left eye, but not their right. Its rather subtle, but I think it was a pretty cool way to link the idea of the Bijuu and the Juubi's relationship.

Aside from this this realtion point, along with other factors naturally, may hint to some possible future events.

1) With the Juubi seemingly developing a concious and seeing his other parts...he may attempt to capture and eat Naruto as to gain the rest of his being.

2) More obvious, but we now have the Bijuu's gift to Naruto making more of an actual appearance....their existence may be used to distract/mess up the Juubi as a way to make attacks against it more effective or hit critical points like the eye. Possibly the idea of potentially harming itself may force the Juubi to cease an attack that may have killed Naruto?!

Anywyas...just thought it was really interesting that they all showed their left eye to the Juubi's right eye. Maybee someone who isn't as dead-beat tired can find something more to this (if of course there really is anything) !