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    Jiraiya is alive !! Proof

    As I finished reading 429, I decided to go back and read the battle between
    Jiraiya sama and Pein. And as I read chapter 381, I realized something wonderful....
    There is a very strong possibility the Ero Sennin is still alive! Not just a strong
    possibility, but almost a certainty he is still alive.
    In issue 380-381, during the battle, Jiraiya generates a force field, a barrier, if you will.
    However, as he recuperates within his barrier, one of the Peins breaks through and
    with it's dying breath, stabs Jiraiya through his fore arm and right shoulder. This surprises
    Lord Jiraiya, but helps him formulate an idea of who Pein is and how he controls all
    those other bodies. As that stabbing weapon remains inside Jiraiya, he feels his chakra
    go out of control, meaning that Pein is trying to control Jiraiya, just as he would those
    other bodies. Thusly, the elder frog pulls out the odd dark matter to release the control
    of Pein.

    Then, when Jiraiya tells the grandma frog to take the body to Konoha, she reluctantly
    agrees, and tells them: "ya'd better not be late fer dinner!" And this is where my theory,
    more like my observation comes into play. If you look at pg. 12 in chapter 381, you
    see the grandma frog go in the water, spit out a cork or something, then she sucks in
    a body. The image is blurry, but we are made to believe the body she is engulfing is
    the lifeless body of one of the Peins. But, a closer examination of the picture reveals
    it to be....
    That's right, take another look at that page for yourself! I've included a screenshot
    of said page, and if you look closesly at the body the grandma frog sucks in, it doesn't
    look like the body of the guy that stabbed Jiraiya!
    The body she sucks in:
    = doesn't have the Akatsuki cloak
    = has the fore arm-shinobi fishnets like the ones Jiraiya has
    = the hair is white and spiky, just like Jiraiya
    = has, on the right shoulder, what looks like the head of the grandpa frog
    So, I am saying that, Jiraiya figured out what to do in order to escape, reveal the mystery
    of Pein, and how to copy the jutsu of Pein! It would appear to me that Jiraiya, with the
    help of the grandpa frog, created a true Kage Bunshin, which was an identical copy of
    them, which they could control from afar, just as Pein does! This way, Jiraiya could
    successfuly fake his death and escape with the truth about Pein!

    If you cba reading then heres a summary:

    CHAPTER 381. PAGE 12. BOTTOM RIGHT IMAGE IT SHOWS GRANDMA FROG SHOOTING A CORK INTO WHAT WE ASSUMED AN AKATSUKI. NO LOOK AT THE HAIR. AND THERES NO AKTSUKI CLOAK. Kishi is just put this here and hes gonna refer back to it in later chapters like he did in the kakashi gaiden. He put "Am I dead" with a black background then it shows Kakashi. IT DOESNT SAY KAKASHI SAYING IT.. WE ASSUMED KAKASHI DID. ILL PUT A BET THAT JIRAIYA IS ALIVE
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