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    June 2013

    1st place: ★ Rei ★
    I like the theme of your profile, it has that smooth "desk" feel. All text was visible, there wasn't a need for me to highlight anything to see it. I can clearly see the creativity here, the image in the Profile Intro Text is wonderful, the NB page on the iphone, the to do list etc. THis profile includes the use of more color than the following two entries, everything seems to fit well.

    2nd place: Hoshi
    The images/textures used fit well together, I like the combination of light grey and dark grey here. Text is visible and I like the Profile Intro Text section. The Profile Image choice could have been better though, nonetheless, good job.

    3rd place: KuroKaze

    Great choice of textures, they all seem to compliment each other quite nicely. The extremely long Profile Intro Text section could have been shorter though, and the text in the main content area at the bottom of the profile blends in with the background a little too much sometimes, but it's a nice profile.

    April & May 2013

    1st place: Asami..


    1st place: -Holy Cross-

    2nd place: Nocturne


    2nd place: Ritsu

    3rd place: Rzm117


    3rd place: Tomo Kusakabe

    PS. @Tomo Kusakabe, although your profile is not perfect I very much appreciate a fresh idea. I applaud your effort to show us something different & unique.

    March 2013

    1st place: Skorm


    1st place: -S-

    2nd place: Ouacus

    3rd place: Belphegor

    February 2013

    1st place: Drizzy


    1st place: -S-

    2nd place: The Empress

    3rd place: Seraphîm


    3rd place: -Tsuki

    January 2013

    1st place: ★ Rei ★

    2nd place: -Odin-

    3rd place: ~Marhuto~

    November 2012

    1st place: Mystical Ruby

    2nd place: Mudo

    3rd place: The Empress

    October 2012

    1st place: Chatte

    2nd place: Nocturne

    3rd place: The Empress

    September 2012

    1st place: Mystical Ruby

    2nd place: -S-

    3rd place: Sublime
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