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If I may; the adaptation you're addressing is known as descent with modification, which supports the theory of natural selection that was a main staple of Darwin's theory. Adaptations such as that are a response to environmental stimuli, which made those traits best suited to the conditions around them.

And whether or not you're Christian makes almost no difference whatsoever. If God did indeed create life, why is it so important that he specifically made man as man? Why not make man through a prolonged, practiced experiment in which he acquires the best traits for his individual sector by living through the conditions that surround them...say, through evolution.
A very interesting question and good points are raised. It's people like this we need more, whether an individual is christian, muslim, jewish, atheist, or anything else for that matter.

Anyway, getting to the point, I wouldn't be able to say why God created Adam as a man and not through millions of years through evolution. I don't know why God in the bible created life as we know it without the use of evolution. Maybe because death didn't exist before Adam and Eve's sin and fall from perfection. Logically, it raises the point by, most commonly, atheists who say why the descendants of Adam and Eve also require forgiveness and are just as guilty as Adam and Eve. It's a good and fair question to ask. Now, I don't claim to know everything, but here's what I do think. Since Adam and Eve sinned, their perfect bodies "fell" from perfection and became imperfect. As we know from the study of genetics, Adam and Eve's children inhereited that "imperfection" and that, if correct, explains why everyone needs forgiveness for that original sin. It's not something we did, but rather what we inherited because of Adam and Eve's imperfection and fall because we all have Adam and Eve's DNA, albeit just rearranged into a different order.