-Sigh- Ok i'm going to explain EVOLUTION (not envolvolution or whatever you said)

1. We did not evolve from monkeys.
2. We shared a common ancestor many years millions of years ago. We could call them Old Kingdom Monkeys.
3. From these Old Kingdom Monkeys derived many species of monkeys i.e. Orangutan and Gorillas.
4. Eventually we get apes, which is closer to us in the evolution chart.
5. We then are closer when we shared a common ancestor with Neanderthals, however they died off because of Natural Selection.

This leads me onto my next point.
Natural Selection. THIS IS A THEORY OF EVOLUTION. The genius who came up with this was called Charles Darwin.
In short, natural selection means survival of the fittest. So, say for instance, a beetle baby was born with a random mutation.
This random mutation helped this baby beetle to survive more easily (high survival chance against environment/predators/etc), so we could say maybe this random mutation was a harder shell. This beetle with a harder shell reproduces with another beetle, and some of its offspring will have inherited this, more children will be born with this 'mutation' the father or mother had depending if it is a recessive or dominant allele.

Right, so there are more beetles with hard shells. Suddenly the cat population increases, and they get sharper claws (by their own natural selection). The beetles with softer shells get hurt a lot more easily, as these sharper claws can kill them. They will all eventually die off. The beetles with hard shells survive. Thus Natural Selection has taken place and the beetle has evolved.

Get it? We have stopped evolving almost because we are keeping the unfit/sick/disabled/unintelligent alive, which is not survival of the fittest. The random mutation causing our brain to have a conscience and morality was a gift or a curse? ( I think gift..)