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You do know dogs come from wolves? It's highly unlikely that back then, Noah had a pet pug or Great Dane. Through cross-breeding, new species are made. They didn't have those species back then. So really, you wouldn't need a boat the size of a continent.

There's a thing called the Internet. I shouldn't have to have a Works Cited page because you don't believe what I'm saying. And you don't ask all the other Evolutionists here for their links and sites. It's a little thing called credibility. If you don't believe what I say, that's your choice.
I honestly believe that the holy books should not be followed word for word, but be used as a foundation for morals, if even that.
They are clearly not facts so I don't understand why people allow themselves to simply get mouthfed them as if they are. It's ok to believe in a God who created life or made the laws of the universe/correct conditions on this planet seeing as we have no proof either way but not ok to believe that god just randomly made 2 people who were tricked by a snake to eat a mystical fruit or that he ordered some guy to somehow fit all the animals of the world in a boat (not even possible at that time) or any stories of the like despite all the proof against it... (I am merely summarizing these stories and I honestly don't mean to be offensive. I grew up with these stories so I do know the entirety of it but for times sake, I'm grossly summarizing them.)