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    Awards Showcase

    Naruto 456 Script Translations

    Source : NF
    Credit : Nightjumper
    Verification :

    Part 1

    456 Naruto: Departure...!!

    Danzou forms seals and exhales
    The shinobi going for Danzou drops dead one by one
    Danzou: "7, 8, 9... 17 of them"
    17 of them on the ground

    Naruto puts on a cloak
    Naruto: "Alright! We're good to go!"

    Sai and Kakashi talk
    Kakashi: "Cover up the actions of Naruto when you report to the Hokage's linkup. He mustn't know anything"
    Sai: "!"
    Sai: "It looks like... you have yet to have faith in me.."
    Kakashi: "You're the one supposed to keep an eye on Naruto for Danzou."
    Sai looks away
    Kakashi: "However, you're also part of Team Kakashi and Team 7."
    Sai is surprised
    Kakashi smiles
    Kakashi: "... I have faith in you."
    Sai remembers what Naruto said with a smiling face, covered in bandages
    Naruto: "He said... that he has faith in me"

    Sai: (What could this feeling be...?)

    Kakashi gives a thumbs up
    Kakashi: "See you later"
    Sai smiles

    Part 2

    Danzou's turn
    The shinobi going for Danzou drop dead in a shower of blood
    Fuu: "These guys are the remnants of the Ninja* ANBU of the Woods Country, that assassinated before."
    Torune; "Since old days, it seems. They'd always jump on an opportunity like this. Seems like there's going to be lots of more bothersome things."
    Danzou: "There was pride in being anonymous in the world of Shugen. However, by having a monopoly on both sides would allow stability in this country and village. If the summit goes well, I'll be recognized as Hokage. The jounin will also see that I am to be Hokage. My era has finally come."

    Sasuke's turn
    They're leaping from tree to tree, heading for the summit site.
    Karin: "!! Wait, there's something up ahead!"
    Sasuke: "?!"

    Naruto's turn
    He's facing Konohamaru in a forest.
    Root ANBU are watching them from the shadows
    ANBU: (What the... what's going on?)
    ANBU: (No idea, what are those two planning?)
    Konohamaru: "Oiroke no Jutsu!!"
    ANBU: "?!"
    Kakashi uses his Sharingan to put a genjutsu on the two ANBU
    Kakashi: "Watch Naruto's illusion for the time being, would you? I wonder if they've been worried about the Oiroke no Jutsu... Sorry."
    KakashiHowever, it looks like Root doesn't have much faith in Sai.)

    Konohamaru: "Dammit, what a difference in sexiness! Argh! I lost!! I've been completely left behind by Nii-chan!! Even though he's my rival!!"
    Konohamaru is quite furious.

    Naruto: "I heard, you know..."
    Konohamaru: "?"
    Naruto: "That you took out one of the Pain bodies with the Rasengan!"
    Konohamaru: "..."
    Naruto is patting Konohamaru on the head.
    Naruto: "Well done! Konohamaru! You're a hero of the village too!"
    Konohamaru tears up and laughs shyly.
    Naruto: "You caught on better than I did! This time, if you can master the Oodama Rasengan..."
    Kakashi smiles down on them from a tree.

    Part 3

    Omoi, Karui & Samui
    They're retrieving data and taking notes in a place with Konoha's old books.(Library?)
    Omoi: "My hand hurts! Man! If this gets inflammed, then my sword muscles will weaken. If I get killed because of that in a battle..."
    Karui seems torn up
    Karui: "If you can move your mouth, than move your hand!!"
    Konoha shinobi tell them to shut the **** up
    Samui apologizes
    The three of them finish what they're doing and leave.
    Samui to Omoi: "Sheesh, if you're a shinobi, be more cool!"
    Saumui: "Let's hurry to where Raikage-sama is."
    Omoi: "Right."
    Karui "Yessir!"
    Karui steps on a pebble(Yamato's radio wood) when he begins walking. Karui doesn't realize that.
    Yamato himself emerges from a wall(?).
    YamatoSorry, but I've been allowed to learn radio wood. It's my forte to tailing people like this. Now then, maybe I should link up with Kakashi-senpai and Naruto.)
    Omoi, Karui & Samui are leaping from tree to tree, heading back to the Raikage
    Omoi: "That guy(Naruto)... I wonder if he's alright."
    Karui grimaces
    Karui: "If you bring that up, I'll kick your ass too, Omoi!"
    Omoi: "Huh? So you were worried too then!"
    Karui gets [something. Don't understand the word]

    The real Yamato has his eyes closed. Maybe's radioing.
    Yamato: "Let's begin the pursuit."
    Naruto: "Yessir!"

    Naruto, Kakashi & Yamato
    they put on their ninja hat and robes cloaks

    Part 4

    The Mizukage & co. stayed at an inn.
    Mizu: "Choujuurou, your sword must be quite heavy. Are you sure you're okay?"
    Chou: "Oh... Yes... I have a slight fever though..."
    Mizu: "Let me see..."
    She puts her forehead on his, and checks his temprature
    Ao: "I'm telling you, Godaime, you're too soft on Choujuurou! This is why youngsters are spoiled nowadays! They walk for a little bit and then they go "Oh, I'm so hot augh". Why, in our days--"
    Mizu:"Ao... It's no longer the time when it's called "The Village of the Blood Mist". The nightmare that was Yondaime's era is over... Please stop boasting about the past."
    Chou gets all lovey-dovey and happy
    Ao: "S-Sorry... It's finally..."
    Mizu: "Now, let's end this gloomy topic there. Let's have a meal soon. I look forward to the food of a minshuku***."
    Ao: "What'll we eat tonight? We can arrange a meal for it, right? Choujuurou?"(How the Mizukage hears it: "What's for the betrothal? We can arrange a meal for it, right? Choujuurou?)
    Chou: "Uh..."
    Mizu: (...Betrothal...!)
    Chou: "There's so many things, I'd worry myself over what to choose, eventually I wouldn't be decide."
    Ao: "Man, you're so indecisive!! This is why youngsters have no spirit nowadays!"
    Mizu: (Bethrothal, so many things, eventually... break-up?!?!)[Pun again]
    Chou makes arrangements for the meal and leaves the room
    Ao: "Man, why, in our days--"
    Mizu gets close to Ao: "Shut up or die."
    Ao: (Whaaaaaat--------!!)

    Last Part

    Maybe they're camping in some cavern
    Kuro: "Man, I'm so excited to go to the Iron Country for the first time."
    Tsuchi: "It's not such a fun place."
    Aka: "What kinda place is it then, gramps?"

    Looks like the summit will take place in the Iron Country
    Looks like it's a snowy place.
    There's a panel of snow falling.

    Tsuchi: "It's a country founded by a trio called "The Three Wolves"(San-Ookami). It's a neutral country which retains a peculiarculture, a peculiar jurisdiction and strong war power. Since old times, it has never been involved in wars of shinobi. That's why it was decided on that." The Iron Country isn't guarded by shinobi, it's guarded by people who call themselves "Samurai."

    The apperance of these "Samurai" is like Darth Vader's.

    They're in the snowing Iron Country
    Sasuke: "Well?"
    Water-transformed Suigetsu: "Looks like they're bolstering the guard around the Five Kage Summit"
    Sasuke: "Karin, use an animal and lead us to the summit through their lesserly guarded areas."
    Karin: "Got it."

    Kazekage's turn
    Mifune: "We've been waiting for you, Kazekage-sama. I am a general of the Iron Country, call me Mifune."
    Gaara: "Pleased to meet you. I am the Kazekage, Gaara."
    Kankurou: "Brrr... This is nothing like the climate of the Wind Country."
    Mifune: "If you would follow me, I'd serve you hot tea."

    It looks like Naruto & co. have reached the Iron Country too.
    They're leaping from tree to tree, in the snow.
    Naruto sneezes
    Naruto: "Urgh, it suddenly got real cold."
    Yamato: "Ssssssshhhh! We're in pursuit, so ssssssssshhhh!"

    One by one, they gather at the site of the summit!!

    The end!

    *Assuming that ohana made a typo here, and meant "ninja"
    **Look up Shugendou

    Enjoy !!! =)
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