(I apologize if someone had already made a thread/theory like this, I had read as many threads as I could but hadn't seen it yet, so :shrug


I know NB translates it as "Guinea Pigs" and Mangastream as "Experimental Bodies" but either way, does it not seem on this last page of the most recent chapter that Kakashi did this on purpose? (or like the title of thread says - "Maybe it's just me..." )

Now don't take this as I am saying "Yeah Kakashi definitely wanted Rin dead, that hoe was WiLIn`OuT" rather:

- Kakashi probably at this point didn't know how to fight in the Mist yet as well as we have seen over the course of the series, but he still just doesn't have a shocked/disarray/enter your word here look and/or attitude on his face that one would have after killing their own teammate.

- Now that we are seeing FIRST HAND how Rin died while adding this new information with what Obito says a couple of chapter's back to Kakashi:


"...You let Rin Die."

I believe we can safely assume/theorize that now that we know Obito saw it first hand, if Kakashi did actually KILL the REAL RIN/RIN THEY KNEW AKA Obito would have been way more pissed and probably would have said "...You Killed Rin" THEREFORE Obito probably knows Kakashi had to kill Rin, (as is my main point of this thread, which in case one hasn't grasped it yet it is how the last page of the most recent chapter really seems to look like Kakashi meant to kill Rin out of pity or necessity), but is still saying Kakashi let Rin Die because Kakashi did not hold up to his end of the bargain/promise which was keeping her safe and that Obito left her safety in Kakashi's hands AKA nothing is to happen to her.

- http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/600/13

Kakashi is clearly STUNNED and actually shows the type of face you would expect he would show after realizing he killed Rin. He is sweating and just in awe probably because he doesn't know how Obito knows Rin is dead but more importantly that Kakashi is NOT TO BLAME for her death, as we later on the page when Kakashi says "Aren't you going to blame me?" So in essence Kakashi is just to blame for breaking his promise and not keeping her safe.

So as the topic says, MAYBE it is just me who feels Kakashi might have killed Rin who had become one of the
"Guinea Pigs" or "Experimental Bodies", but that last page just doesn't seem right to me...Like I said it is almost as if Kakashi is killing her to save her/free her or out of pity, so in essence he was doing what Obito asked him to do (but more so in Kakashi's younger-self way of doing things) which was keep her safe no matter what.

*Just a side note: I mean not that we have enough info from this past chapter and/or from Kishi yet about the whole situation/incident/whatever it is, but why would just Kakashi and Rin be on a mission which what seems like RIGHT NOW just the TWO of them without Minato? I do understand that the 3rd Shinobi War is probably/most likely still going on (Kakashi and Rin look the exact same in the past chapter and when Obito died, plus Minato is on a different mission), but a mission with just 2 people? I know Konoha was short-handed, but a medical-nin and 1 young Jonin?

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