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    Explination: Madara staged Obito the death of take Obito on his side !

    Can't people see that Madara staged this ?

    Madara says very sure of himself that Obito will be go back to him...

    Question: Why would Obito say thanks to Madara after he sees Rin dying ?
    Answer: Madara will say to Obito that he can help him to bring Rin back or he could save Rin...or he could somehow make his pain go away...

    Madara could say that his plan could help Obito...and here we can see how Madara's plan can help Obito (read carefully... !)

    Question: How did Madara stage this ?
    Answer: I will start by dissproving some theoryes...

    a) Kakashi is a Zetsu Clone... its Imposible because Kakashi said he was there when Rin died !

    Kakashi is also crying and is using chidori something that Zetsu cant do !

    b) Rin was a spy ... Rin betrayed Konoha... Kakashi didnt see well.... its Impossible because Madara was the one that staged this...

    c) Kakashi being under a genjutsu its impossible because he was crying that means he knows that he hit Rin !

    My theoryes: Well this are the only options that i belive in !

    1) That Rin is a Zetsu clone and both Kakashi and Obito think they killed Rin..... and Rin was long dead by Madara who send Zetsu to kill Rin and remplace her !
    Note: Zetsu Clone can bleed and can become very sentimental

    2) That Rin is a experimental body of the mist created by Madara Uchiha and Zetsu... so Kakashi killed a experimental body and not the real Rin who was lond dead !
    Note: Zetsu saying that the mist have experimental bodyes
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