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    605- Enough Sacrifices

    Rin: Kakashi.. Im sorry

    Kakashi: No.. RIN! What have i done..

    Obito stares without emotion.

    Fodder mist: Haha, just as i planned.
    Kakashi: ??!!! What have you done!!
    Foddermist: I used an genjutsu on you, you thought you little girl was me right?
    Kakashi: noo.. Rin..
    Rin: Its okay Kakashi(bloodspitting) It is not your fault, i shouldnt come near you when using the chidori.. I will see our beloved Obito again..
    Kakashi: I cant lose you too.. Rin.
    Rin falls dead to the ground.
    Kakashi: Rin... OBITOOO!!!!

    Kakashi turns back to the mistninja with anger and tears.

    Suddenly the fodder mist ninja falls to the ground uncounscious.

    Kakashi sees a green monster standing behind the mist ninja.
    Kakashi: Who are you.
    Zetsu: (let me talk for you Obito).
    Green monster: You shouldnt make promises in this cursed shinobi world stupid Kakashi.
    Kakashi: You...You know who i am?
    Green monster: I know more of you then you think.
    Kakashi: ...
    Green monster: In some years this world is no longer bound to promises and sacrifices.
    Obito: Zetsu...
    Kakashi: What do you mean?

    Spriral zetsu goes in the ground. Good bye Kakashi, use that left eye with caution.
    Kakashi:...... Minato sensei.. Where are you..

    Zetsu: Obito... where do you wanna go now?
    Obito: I have no place to return to anymore.. now Rin is gone.
    Zetsu: You can come with us, and spend some more time together.
    Obito: Your right.. You are my friend now, lets go see grandpa uchiha.
    Zetsu: Good choice. He is a boring guy, so im happy you come too.

    Back at the madara office.

    Madara: You have returned.. I told you.

    Obito: Thanks for saving me, madara sama. Im no longer in this world of shinobi, im done with the sacrifices, promises and endless casualties... please train me and help me to grow stronger.

    Madara: ( perfect) Fine, we will start right away. first i give you some senju dna to burst up your sharingan...

    At the end a close up of Obito's crying sharingan with two tomoes, turning in three tomoes, and next page its turning into a mangekyou sharingan.

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