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    Re: Madara Uchiha killed Hashirama Senju after all ! ( I found something very importa

    Quote Originally Posted by alexu9696 View Post
    Well this are Hashirama weapons pay attention to all the weapons !

    Now we know that Madara " Died " with this weapons !

    And here Madara has the weapons of Hashirama ! ( you can see 2 of his swords again and also the huge shuriken. )

    I dont think after Hashirama tought that he "killed" Madara Uchiha he leaved those weapons on the ground and left without them !

    So i belive Madara killed Hashirama somehow.... I cant imagine how he did it after he killed Hashirama he took Hashirama's weapons as a prize for himself !
    I disagree. Hashirama died first, so madara went and robbed him of his personal belongings. Remember Madara lived to an old age. If madara killed hashirama then why is Madara all on his nuts. "Hashirama is the only one who can beat me, but hes not in this world anymore."
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