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    Another Uzumaki revealed?

    2 to be clear..

    Not sure if it has been stated before, but I am gonna say it as it is. Kinkaku and Ginkaku were Uzumaki or closely related to the Uzumaki. 1st look at their lovely picture:

    And here we have Naruto that lovely young boy:

    Notice the similarities? Yes that is right they have stripes in their face. Minato doesn't have them so they might be something specific from the men of the uzumaki clan. And look at this, even the raikage might back up my theory:

    Yes that is right. It takes exceptional chakra to survive after devouring chakra from a tailed beast. I don't know if the weapons do too, but in a filler it told us they did :D

    Anyway just a funny thing to think about And to add up don't forget the fact that Kinkaku and Ginkaku are from same generation as Tobirama, Izuna, 2nd Raikage, etc.

    I Also thought about this before posting, but chosed not to mention, though some people seem to think different than me. About the stripes, whiskers or whatever they are in Narutos face and in Kinkaku and Ginkakus face as well, I will say this:

    The whiskers AREN'T from Kurama look at this:

    Naruto has no kuybi inside him. Also Mito and Kushina had no whiskers.
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