The following character biographies will now become restricted in terms with the village system. Members are not permitted to use Sasori , 3rd Kazekage, and puppets unless they are in the Sunagakure within the village and therefore members found using these bio's in the use of village system battles shall be punished accordingly for breaking and not following this rule. Also members of Sunagakure gain a higher rate of resistance to poisons.

I call bs since when can bios be restricted to village styem last time i checked as long as we fit the requirements we can make and use any bio, this rule is bs half the people that make sasori/third kazekage aren't even from suna nor have ever joined it. does this mean their bios are no longer vaild? that the many people i've seen sue sasori were using him illgally regardless of the little apporved in the corner on their bios? i request this rule be removed!

say i wnat a third kazekage bio or sasori do i gotta leave konoha just to get him? BS ruins some aspects of teh rp. say my favorite village is kiri and i am a meber and say i want a sasori bio would i have to leave just to f*cking use him? and as we've seen vilalges don't take to leaving their village so kindly kiri is an example of that. and say later i drop sasori what was all taht risk for? bios should not be restcied to certain villages!