I believe that in the end we will see Kakashi and Obito team on to take out Madara

For one ever since we found out that Obito was tobi we know has a reason to be Talked-no-Jutsu by naruto or by kakashi. Given the fact that naruto can cry about his life story or that Kakashi could tell him about what really happen with rin and obito would than piece the two stories together and turn on Madara for his clear manipulation.

Also we have been given a prime of example of foreshadowing by Kisih with him having Madara and Obito both say with both of the Sharingan Obito and Kakashi could unlock the full power of the Sharingan (kumi now).http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/602/17
and also Obito twice said he belived the him and Kakashi was just learning how to work in combination with each other and now could protect those precious to them (rin than) (ninja world now).
I believe that this is being foreshadowed by the writer.