After chapter 601 was released Madara told Obito that the Naruto he's seeing is a clone and asked about the whereabouts of the original, after that we saw a lot of theories regarding the location of the real naruto some said that he went to look for Sasuke other said that he's still in Obito's dimension.
I found out the truth about his location today when I was surfing the manga.
I hope this thread ends that all although its a little bit late, Sorry if anyone else posted this before

you can see in this image in the second line Naruto standing in front of Kakashi as we can see his back, and in the third line we can see naruto standing in front of Killer bee and on its right a picture of kakashi and behind him standing naruto and killerbee.

So we have two narutos one is the original and I think he's the one standing in front of bee and the other is a clone and he is the one near kakashi.

I hope this clears everything out.

Note: for anyone who can't see the image it is manga 601 page 2, or try to press on the image icon.