Everyone getting paranoid over Kakashi killing Rin, but didn't Obito kind of already confirm to us that it wasn't Kakashi?

When asked by Kakashi in current day why he was doing what he was doing Obito replied... "It's because... ..you let Rin die."

We know now that he (Obito) saw Rin die from reading the last chapter and he saw that it was a Kakashi that killed her. But if it was the real Kakashi, wouldn't the aforementioned manga page read... It's because... ..you killed Rin. That would be the logical thing to say would it not?
Either this is easy proof that it was a Zetsu or clone of some sort and there is more to the Obito evil story, or it is terrible writing from Kishi's point as the page I pictured above makes no sense in the current context that it was Kakashi.


Also, sorry if this thread was made before. I couldn't find it though.