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    A fantatsy Story Chapter13 Part 3

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    Here's a character backstory:
    Gary: the pervert Protagonist, partially lost his memory, he tries to get his memory back by returning to the Empire, he's excelled at mixing elemental affinities with his katana sword beside summoning deities from another world.
    Ame: the sweet imp-princess she tries to help Gary restore his memory, with her healing abilities and water element use.
    Genji: the logical-speaking guy, he doesn't -like everybody else- what tribe he's, he got expelled from his village because of his appearence and ability to suck people energy and ability to control trees, he joined this journey to find out more about himself.
    Eduna:a mysterious priestess she seems to know as much as Julius does, she joined the rebellion war against the tyrant.
    Rose: the french speaking Fairy, she's more pervert than Gary she joined the group for fun, she has the power to charm any male, she has sensorial abilities, and wide magical abilities.
    Ignius: a man who've been cursed by Julius into a hideous dragon-man he seeks to avenge from Julius.
    Zhein: Gary's friend and adoptive brother who've been kidnapped but saved by the Tyrant' chancellor, he now on the good side.
    Julius: the Tyrant Chancellor, he's a mysterious man, with mysterious motives, his powers are unique, he tries to bring peace without looking at the cost, he is revealed to be an ancient deity that wants to bring all world to nothingness.
    Kalina: Gary's mother and the best known earth manipulator on the main land.
    magia: the type energy that's used to cast magic skills

    ************************************************** **********************************************
    The seven Scions of Exoddia has gathered;Julius, Emmero, Nabri, Halmius,Lahabrea, Logh, and Pashtaroth, are all gathered around the heros, who were under shock that two of the scions are exactly identical to their deceased friend Tobi, while the other one is the "human self" of Ignius:

    "it can't be right!" Ignius shouted…

    Pashtaroth looked down to Ignius and said "heh! so this is how am I suppose to be if I disobeyed the empire, quite depressing fate…."

    "Tobi! Please I'm Ame! Don't you remember us?" Ame shouted at Logh….

    "Tobi? Is that what am I supposed to be called by such level of creatures?" Logh emotionlessly claimed…

    Zhein was thinking trying to find an explanation to all this…."I knew it! I know who are they!" he said with confidence…

    The group questioned him to expalain, but Julius interrupted them "Zhein, I've never been impressed by a mortal, as you impressed me, but….that's another story for another time!" said Julius and in a flash Halmius released a powerful light that covered the whole place, and sent the heros away scattering them all around the world of Exoddia… the scions stood motionlessly for moments then "scatter, scions" Julius ordered them…

    Eduna woke up, but she felt the pain from the fall, wolking slowly in a calm city, it was empty no creature was there except for trees and plants, she sit by a fontain and healed herself, an organ music is heard from afar, Eduna's attention got cought with this sound so she followed it, from street to street, the music was just luring her for no obvious reason, like it's calling her soul, until finally she reached a shrine made of marble and gold, she slowly ascend the stairs to enter this nostalgic building, entering it heading toward a man cloaked in all white who was playing gently on the organ…

    The man talked in a calm accent "welcome Marcelline the dragon sorceress" welcoming her…

    "I'm not that woman one anymore…" she answered him with serious voice…

    He smirked "self denial… you always were like that… even in my world" he said…

    She sits beside him "Halmius…what are you exactly?" she asked him…

    He rised his hand, but she hold him "fear nothing I'm not going to attack you"he holds her hands gently…"now where were we? Oh yes…you are asking who am I…whereas you should ask who are you? Are you Marcelline evermor the strongest sorceress? or Eduna the holy priestess?" he asked staring at her eyes…

    Eduna felt some depression from his question but she held herself togather "I'm Eduna, I've choosed this path myself, and I'll keep my faith until the end of time…" she answered in cofidence…

    "Or you choosed it because you felt that going on the dark road leads you to nothing…nothing but dull life and limited power" Halmius said with serious accent…

    Eduna's left eyes turned snake-like, she hold it "no …I had… faith that I choosed the right path…"she retreat steps away from him…

    "well then, we shall meet again and I hope you keep your faith that time" Halmius disappeared in a sparkle of light, leaving the priestess kneeling on the ground in shock, Eduna felt so much depression and anxiety, she calmed herself and prayed…

    Meanwhile, it seems that Rose had fallen in the same town as Eduna, she roamed around looking for her friend, using her sonsory skills she tracked Eduna, but she felt that Eduna's magia is slowly fading the fairy got worried about her friend so she've gone more fast…she arrived at the shrine, entered quickly to find Eduna sitting bitting her lip and tears falling from her eyes…

    "um…mamie?" Rose asked her friend…

    Eduna quickly wiped her tears, and smiled coldly to Rose "Roselline I'm sorry I was just praying…are you alright?" she asked the fairy…

    "nah…femme fatale never get hurt from one fall" Rose said proudly…

    Eduna smiled and hold her friend's hand an both walked out the shrine, Rose felt a bit unpleased with their hands held "mamie…are you okay? Because you never held my hand before? Are men boring to you now?" Rose asked stupidly…

    Eduna blushed and embarrased from that question "young woman! Behave! Nothing like that I just don't want you to get hurt" she answered her…

    "Don't blame me! I joined the wierdest team in the world, even Genji had crush on Gary you know" she grinned…

    Eduna hit Rose on the head "I said behave young one!"the priestess scolded the fairy…"ouch! Alright no more pervert stuff for you..hmph" Rose complained…

    "so did you find anyone else but us in this wierd town?" Rose asked…

    "No one, unless we find scions or our friends" Eduna answered…

    "why you are so confident?" Rose questioned her friend…

    "Julius can't create spirits so don't expect to find humans or animals here" she answered with confidence…

    "huh, then what do you call Scions? they're sure alive and carry spirits" Rose was confused with Eduna's answer...

    "they're not created by him, they're summoned from parallel realities, they're Julius but in different bodies, resulted from many possibilities of his ressurection…" as explained by Eduna…

    Rose was confused more with this explanation "too much logic, can't take it" she commented…

    "they're all Julius, but from different worlds, end of the story" Eduna said…

    "well that's much easier, mamie" Rose winked…

    "and stop calling me grandmother!" Eduna yelled at her smiling and holding her hand more tightly…

    Rose hold tightly as well challenging her "eh, you are too old for femme fatale" saying it with a confident accent…

    Eduna released an electric shock through her hand that made Rose pull her hand "well no one said that elderly doesn't have sense of humor" Eduna laughed…

    "oh mon dieu…" Rose said in surprise…

    "what?" Eduna asked…

    "you are laughing! You never laughed before! Even when you visited our garden three years ago!" Rose answered…

    Eduna blushed "well …I know I look cruel, but I've been into much" said the priestess…

    "well I won't blame your hundread years long life of Angsty" Rose shrugged…

    Eduna poked the fairy's head "you talk too much, silence is a virtue you know"…

    The two girls walked about to the middle of the town…

    "hah! I'm tired can we sit down a little?" Rose complained…

    The two sit on the grass to rest, but suddenly Rose sensed danger "mamie! Someone is coming! His magia is very large!", Eduna stood and pulled her rapier, Halmius approached from the narrow street, and pulled his black blade and pointed it toward the girls "Julius asked me to bring the young branches alive, tell me where are they, and you'll meet a fast and painless death"…

    Rose got angered "quel salauds!" insulting their enemy…

    "that's some ridiculous question" Eduna said, and in a flash she appeared in front of him piercing his shoulder with the rapier pinning him in the wall "it's the end" she said while preparing her lightening charged hand stab to hit him in the face…
    End of chapter To be continued
    ************************************************** **********************************************

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter13 Part 3

    Awesome chapter ^_^ I liked the part where they got scattered all over the world
    Great work!

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter13 Part 3

    This is the best chapter so far!!! ^^

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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter13 Part 3


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    Re: A fantatsy Story Chapter13 Part 3

    nice one i like the part where eduna is about to deliver a lightning charged stab to his face xD

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