Ha! i bet you thought this was a troll thread by looking at the title huh?

anyways, what i wanted to ask was with the help of the sharingan , can't sasuke potentially know how to utilise rasengan? :shrug:

like think about it, if kakashi can copy any jutsu with his borrowed sharingan , why can't a skilled uchiha copy an jutsu like the rasengan? :confused:

or is because sasuke doesnt have wind-style chakra? this shouldnt influence anything as kakashi has copied over 1000 jutsu right>?? im pretty sure some of them dont fall into his chakra attributes.... :shrug:

and if sasuke can use the rasengan will it be useful in his fight against naruto?? imagine that a rasengan covered by susanoo ...naruto attacks but fails due to susanoo and then RASENGAN!!!

What do you guys think?? ( im not an sasuke fan btw...im an madara fan from waaaay back :D )