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    Kisame and Itachi are the greatest shinobis in all of Naruto.

    Face the facts. In his younger days, Kisame killed all of his team mates because he knew that if they got caught, they would most certainly spill important codes and information. He knew they wouldn't be strong enough mentally to keep the secrets in. And when Kisame was captured and the Hidden Leaf shinobi tried to get into from him, he bit off his own tongue to stop them. Before he committed suicide to keep them from getting the intel on his organization, he, he made sure the Tobi would get the intel he aquired.

    And Itachi.. he sacrificed everything for the sake of his village and caused himself a never ending pain and stayed strong through everything. Need I say more?

    Itachi and Kisame were without doubt the most honorable duo in all of Naruto, let alone the Akatsuki. The best ninjas in the series? I would say so.

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