This thread will most likely be flamed by Minato fans but I'm going to go ahead anyway. This thread is to show why A beats Minato(or draws if Minato uses Reaper Death Seal)

Fourth Raikage vs Fourth Hokage

4th Raikage's Abilities

-Lightning Armour
This wraps A in a layer of lightning chakra that is used both offensively and defensively. It also gives A an insane boost to his base speed which is already incredibly fast. This is the jutsu that will be the most useful against Minato. None of Minato attacks are able to bypass this armour. Neither his kunai or his rasengan will be able to penetrate. The lightning armour managed to completely negate the damage of a Chidori Kusanagi aimed at his back which has been shown to have more piercing power than the Rasengan.

A is probably one of the most durable characters in the series. He took two lariats to the chests from Killer Bee and a third one only knocked him down. He easily withstood having his arm set on fire and amputated his own arm without flinching. He survived Mabui's Transfer technique(which was said that only the 3rd Raikage who is known for his durability) with no injuries even without Lightning Armour. Even Tsunade who is durable herself was ripped up pretty badly by it. Minato’s strongest offensive move is rasengan and is not a piercing type of move.

A possesses immense physical strength and is able to lift heavy weights with one hand and shatter a cliff with a punch. Also is able to snap the Executioner’s Blade. Killer Bee also stated that he was the first person to deflect his Bijuu cloak.He is capable of breaking through Susanoo and he has done so twice. On Sasuke’s part 1 susanoo and Madara’s part 3(with Onoki’s help.) When he was younger A cut of one of the horns of the 8-tails which knocked it to the floor . Naruto said that his punches were immensely strong and that he couldn’t tank two of them even in Chakra Mode. One punch would be enough to kill Minato.

This is the category were A shines in. His speed is phenomenal and unlike Minato he uses actual foot speed. Which is a better achievement than Minato’s speed because A trained for it. Even though A is incredibly fast Minato still outshines him in this area. With his speed he was able to zoom up to Minato and got so close that he basically clipped his nose with his fist. I also believe that the 4th Raikage has the same reactions than Minato because A trained for his speed and uses footwork which his body and brain would need to keep up with.

-Chakra Levels
The 4th Raikage has crazy chakra levels and the only other non-bijuu in his league would be Kisame. Karin, one of the best sensors in the series, said that his chakra levels could be compared to a tailed-beast and I think that he probably even has more chakra than the first few tailed-beasts.

Though A does not specialize in ninjutsu he has shown that he is able to concentrate lightning into his hand and use it as a slicing attack. He used this to amputate his arm clean off and slash off the 8-tails horn.
Minato's Abilities

The rasengan is Minato’s only offensive Ninjutsu but he uses in really well. He can combine this with FTG to combine a deadly combo. The fact that it requires no seals allows him to combine it with FTG easier. Minato’s rasengan is larger than Naruto’s normal one and is roughly the size of Naruto’s Odama Rasengan. However it will not be able to pass the
4th Raikage’s defence due to it being an attack that uses blunt force rather than a stabbing attack. Minato also has the summoning jutsu which allows him to summon toads. However if he tries to use the foodcart destroyer on A then it will just be a waste of chakra since he will easily be able to dodge it.

-Space/time jutsu
Minato was famous for his unique space–time technique, the Flying Thunder God Technique, which essentially allowed him to teleport to any location. I believe that FTG however is very limited because Minato needs a kunai at that position to teleport to it. His teleportation is able to outshine other speed monsters like Naruto and A. Minato can also form a barrier that can redirect incoming long-range attacks even an attack as powerful as TBB from the 9-tails.

Minato was quite proficient in sealing (fuinjutsu) and had an Uzumaki(who are known for their sealing) as a wife.
Minato is able to use complicated sealing jutsu’s like the 8 trigrams seal and the 4 symbols seal which Killer Bee stated was more intricate and durable than his own seal. Minato’s ultimate sealing move is the Reaper Death seal which seals both Minato and his opponent.

Minato is one of the smartest in the series and is also very strategic. He was able to work out Tobi’s weakness and even managed to do something with that information. He is also able to keep calm in difficult situations as when Tobi had the upper hand in their fight.
How the 4th Raikage would beat Minato

1) Can tank all of Minato’s attacks
A can tank all of Minato’s attacks and most of his sealings will be useless against A.

2) A only needs one attack
A only needs one attack to connect with Minato to win the fight. While Minato would need loads to even start injuring A and when one of A’s punches is that close

to hitting Minato.

3) Minato unable to tag A
Minato would be unable to tag A with a seal because of his Lightning Armour and if he tried to he would get electrocuted.

4) Special theory
If A breaks one of Minato’s kunai and then dashes at him and Minato tries to teleport to the kunai(that A has broken) and it will fail. And that split-second that his teleport fails A could hit him. Also Minato is not able to feel if one of his kunai is broken.

5) Large scale attacks could mess up Kunai
Large scale attacks would mess up the positioning of Minato’s kunai and might even teleport him in front of A’s attack. Also if he smashes the ground near him then could stop Minato from teleporting into his immediate vicinity. And if one of his kunai goes underground and Minato teleports to it then he would have killed himself.

6) Speed Blitz before Kunai’s are ready
In the fight they had in the manga A waited for Minato to get out his Kunai and scatter them around instead of just rushing to him before he got his Kunai ready. This was because of plot.

7) A could use Gamabunta against Minato
A could severely injure Gamabunta with a few of his full power punches and he is capabale of doing so since he was able to slam the 8-tails onto the ground. A could even use Gamabunta against Minato because his attacks are very devastating and would destroy some of Minato's kunai. Minato doesn't have the strength to stop A's assault on Gamabunta and is not stupid enough to try.

8) Which will last more A’s endurance or Minato’s stamina ?
A has more chakra than Minato which would potentially help him to outlast Minato since he would soon run out of chakra dodging all of A’s attacks. So even if A doesn’t hit him Minato could still lose because of exhaustion. Minato will no doubt manage to hit the 4th raikage a number of times but the amount of times both of them need to hit eachother to win the match is too large. Remember A only needs one hit to win while Minato would need dozens to even injure A. If the fight lasts long then it would come down to stamina which A wins in.

But Minato could use Reaper Death Seal which would end the fight in a draw.

So this is the end of my thread. . Hope you enjoyed it and even if you don’t agree with it please respect the effort I put into it.
Thanks to Negative Knight for helping me with some points even though he doesn't agree with me