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    Re: Proof 4th Raikage > Minato

    Quote Originally Posted by straightup View Post

    Since when did Minato have Wind ?

    rasengan is a WIND technique. do you even read the manga or watch the anime at all???
    Ransengan is a jutsu made from the user's chakra.
    It is a mixture of amount of, and the manipulation ( which is the sphere shape ) of the user's own chakra.
    Minato developed the technique to compliment his fighting style, which was zip and attack in quick successions.
    I'm not sure what kind of anime/manga you're watching or reading, but you made yourself look honestly ignorant.

    Rasen-shuriken, is the S-Class jutsu that naruto developed AFTER his element affinity training.


    You've made your strong points, but you can't base your arguments ( much like any other ) depending on the moves you WISH for the character to make and/or avoid. It's evident that Minato is a very versatile and observant shinobi, A's no joke don't get me wrong, but Minato was a ninja capable of performing beyond anyone's expectations. I guess you can even say that he toyed with both A & Killer B from the start of that battle, that alone would prove how much of as a capable ninja he was.

    I like A and he's a damn beast when it comes to brute force and speed with his heightened reflexes, but that fight could go either way since I see them as almost a match.
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