So I was reading the Evolution thread and came upon some statements that seem pretty ridonculous but I won't single out anyone. lol

In my opinion, there is very little difference between Humans and other Animals. Some could argue that we cannot be animals because we are smart and we think. That in itself is illogical. We are mammals with a large brain capacity. As time went on we began to think about our actions instead of just acting.
For example: There are animals such as alligators that attack on impulse. It has been studied that they attack and eat things that move. They have developed their method of attack such as sneaking up on a moving animal near the waterhole.

What I am getting at is that less "intelligent" animals are not as smart as us because they simply cannot weigh decision making. Most animals act on impulse unless they are trained, which is what earns them the term savage or wild.

There are animals that are smarter than others becaues they need to be in order to survive.
1.There are species of monkeys that will use sticks(tool) to getants out of their hole.
2.Eagles will pick up turtles and drop them on their back to break the shell.(Because they can fly)

Things of that nature.

We humans have nothing to fend ourselves from other animals other than than our brain so we had to use it. And the more we used it, the more complex it became. We began to use tools, use strategies to capture animals, stuck together to warn off other animals that can take us out one on one.

As time went by we became more intricate.

So what I am saying is that animal behavior is a by product of their capabilities of defending themselves.
Other animals have claws, we have our brain.

I do not believe we were made by a supreme being, and put on this rock. We are a product of millions of years of evolution.
I do not understand how some people can believe the BIBLE or THE BIG BANG.
Both the bible(religion) and the big bang were created by man to explain the meaning of existence. They are both ideas created by a power hungry animal that wants to rule over others.

In my opinion they are both wrong. Nothing man creates can be right because we have no idea of how things started. One side is too black, and the other is too white.
You are all wrong.
What do you think?
My 2 cents.