Okay, first off I'd just like to say that i've been reading on here for about 2 years, but just got the urge to register today and this is my first post.

I know we're all a little tired of Time line misshaps, but the latest few chapters have brought something up that bothers me. Genma

Its common knowledge that Kakashi was the only prodigious student in his class. yet Genma ( a class member) came to be a body guard for the Yondaime. Now its true even people who aren't prodigious can become elite shinobi, but at the time of Minato's death Genma was only 13-14 (29 or 30 - 16). Genma only became a chunnin at AGE 13! How could he possibly go from recently promoted chunnin to body guard for the hokage AND able to learn the basics of FTG in a matter of months to a year at most? How?