Bet you never noticed how zetsu never called anyone madara even when tobi claimed to be madara zetsu always referred to tobi as him or he or even tobi shouldve been a big red flag then...yes he knew it was obito obviously then it dawned on me again now that this old guy says hes madara and everybody jumps to it like yea he is madara because hes old and he gave his eyes away that could possibly be his brother you dont really know and the fact that zetsu never calls him madara yet refers to the old guy as he or him and not to metion zetsu calls everybody their name because he know exactly who they are.....dont really think thats madara......edo tensei and that "supposely" madara dont add up im not saying that madara doesnt kno nagato but it would be more relevant if madara was revived in is prime because that how edo tensei works brings you back at exactly the moment when you died zetsu is really the mastermind behind everything at least the way i see it zetsu has yet to show what he fully knows.....oh dont care for your theories your going to post about how this is wrong or flaming or new to this follow this website for awhile so whatever dont know how to post links from my iphone so yea go look for yourself and see what im talkin about if you got tome to read and comment u got time to think before you speak