It has begun... Well actually technically its a out to begin, tomorrow, as I make this thread right now.

Join the group to see who will take title as Narutobase number 1 battle rapper.. we have some real competition.. we have people who have taken first in rap threads like Eyes of Itachi and Narutawesome, notorious rappers of the base like LBeezy, there's also some known talents like Riker, Digits, Ninjakid, ldude (who's a girl btw. Girl rappers, we got that) and Narutobases number 1 troll, yours truly.

It's anyone's game and I know there's a lot of ya who are into rap so come check out the best battle it out.. bring a pen and notepad and take some notes.. get some popcorn for the epicness and bring pompoms if you plan on cheering and getting ya fanboyism /fangirlism. on

Join the group.. its public...

The finals will be made in a thread on the base and have a poll.. so check the tourn early to see who makes it all the way to the finals.. first place winner gets a prize of a new signature and aviator.