Well I just noticed this and it is really freaking me out now that I think about it! I wonder if there is any direct correlation between these two chapters soo far apart in the storyline.

First off here is a picture from Chapter 12 of naruto! right when Kakashi is first showing off his sharingan to the first boss Zabuza. He says "I don't let my comrades die"

Now we all know how this little arc ends. Kakashi uses his chidori for the first time in the series piercing right through haku which can be seen here

now isnt it a little weird that in the current manga situation Kakashi and Rin are alledgedly surrounded by "Hidden Mist Gunea Pigs" and kakashi ends up doing this to rin

do you think way back in the day Kishi already knew everything he was going to do in the series and made this spoiler that Kakashi really doesnt kill Rin because he "Dont let my comrades die" lol

just something cool I would like people to discuss