am basing this idea off the theory that Tobi is Obito. If Tobi is Obito, that means that his sharingan is the same as Kekashi's and possibly they have the same mangekyo power. kekashi's ability seems to be able to force whatever he concentrates on into some other dimension. Doesn't this seem the elementary block of Tobi's abilities? Tobi too pushes what his eye concentrates on into another dimension, the only difference is that he has complete control over that dimension. Instead of just being able to momentarily banish an attack, he can use it to transport his body, to take hostages, to hide things, etc.

What if every time Kekashi has sent something away (Derrida's arm, the robot pain, and whatever else) it really just crash lands into that dimension we saw here

Sorry if this theory was already suggested. Just got the idea and wanted to hear what people thought,