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    Major plothole to me...

    Sorry all the Sasori related threads, but I rewatched the fight and I noticed something.
    Chiyo should've died, and with that, Sakura would also have died, I'll explain.

    As you can see, Chiyo was cut by one of Sasori's puppets, and she never took the antidote.
    Sakura said there were two antidotes, she used the first one against the Iron Sand, and Chiyo used the second one on Sakura when she was stabbed.

    Which means Chiyo should've been paralyzed either during the fight, or when Sasori stabbed Sakura.
    If she got paralyzed during the fight, Sakura would've never been able to get Sasori and she would get raped.

    If she got paralyzed when Sakura got stabbed, Sakura would die because of her situation.
    If she did take the antidote to prevent her death, Sakura would die.
    In that case, Sasori would probably still kill himself.

    Which means that Chiyo lived even though she was poisoned, with no explanation.
    Seems like a plot hole to me, or did Kishi run out of Plot no Jutsu ideas...
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