Okay so in this weeks episode minato told Ay he comes from a great family the same as him, did minato mean that that they both came from a kage blood line, cause as we all know Ay is the son of the first Raikage. This only futures my suspicions of minato being the son Tsunade, Nauto didnt take his dads famous last name because minato wanted nobody to know Naruto was his son maybe minato parents did the same or maybe his was adopted. I know everyone has heard this before, from, plus all the other clues I just copied in case some haven't seen it before btw I didn't come up with this I just agree with. I'am not very good with this site, I hope this is the correct way. This is from another site so I had to edit the links out but the authors name.


tsunade is minato's mother and naruto's grandmother!
Ok, i have no idea if this was made before... i havn't found anything so i think i will share this theory with you.

It's basicly that tsunade is naruto's gandmother.

We don't know tsunades surname. We all belive that it is senju, but we are not shure...
We do know that she hab a boyfriend. Maybe they were married... dan namikaze anybody??

there are some hints in the manga that back this theory up.

Lets start:

„if he'd been my son...“ - jiraiya said that to tsunade. am i just seeing things here?

„... i'd have bragged about him all the time.“ - why his parents didn't brag about him? maybe because they didn't want him to become a ninja? maybe because his parents lost all their beloved ones on the battlefield?
maybe because his mother lost her brother and her husband/minato's father on the battlefield?

another thing: jiraiya couldn't remenber kushina's name... but tsunade knew it. of course you know the name of your son's girlfriend...

the first meating of naruto and tsunade – look at jiraiya's face when he is telling her naruto's name... „usumaki naruto“:

why are jiraiya and tsunade speaking about the 4th so much? - i mean in this situation... her teacher had been killed only a few days ago...

the inside joke: tsunade-bachan .... come on. anybody?

also this would make naruto at least part-senju and that would fit extreamly good in the whole senju/uchiha history...

so maybe i'm just seeing things here, it's posible; but i really think that tsunade is narutos's grandmother.
if you read this, i trolled in this thread.