Ok this is a good topic that I want to cover. Which is the better healer.

Orihime from bleach is a good "medical" person. And she is the best in bleach when it comes down to that. BUT the thing is that Orihime's technique is not Medical, instead it is S/T technique applied on the specific body part. While Tsunade is specialized in healing from the inside and poisons and etc.

But when we look at self healing.. This is all Tsunade...Orihime has nothing on Regeneration.

You really don't need a whole bunch to info to know which one is the better healer.
If you lost a arm and etc.. You would go to orihime.
But if you want a person who can tank stuff and heal and give others power.. you would go to Tsunade.

So my opinion is that Tsunade beats Orihime.