We can start with mine;

[Doton: Seis Fleur Kuracchi] Earth Release: Six Flower Clutch
Type: Attack
Rank: A
Range: Long
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: 60
Description: The user makes six arms appear out of a vertical portal behind the opponent ; two grab an opponent's legs and makes them fall backwards. Two pairs hold the foe up at their back, and a pair grabs his upper body. The pairs at the upper body and legs pull, cracking the foe's back.
♦ Can be used 4 times per battle.
♦ Can only be taught by Blizzard.

Create a vertical portal of earth behind a clone, and make the hands of earth appear from inside it. The hands grab the body from three parts twisting it and cracking the spine.

Your Jutsu:

(Katon: Kanetsu Nami) - Fire Style: Heating Wave
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary/Attack
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra Cost:30
Damage: 60
Description: Focusing his/her katon chakra the user will put their hands out into the air releasing a massive heat wave. This wave is hot enough to evaporate incoming water jutsu B-Rank and below. And its hot enough to melt metal.(ex: Kunai, Shuriken, Iron sand, gold dust.)
♦ Can be used four times per battle.
♦ Must have complete mastery over Fire.
♦ Must be taught by Mathias