I'm seriously seeing history repeat itself with the fandom.
The sitution: Naruto has acquired a new upgrade, Biju mode, and has shown some incredible feats while Sasuke hasn't gotten much attention, so people are going "omg Naruto fodderizes Sasuke!"
-While Naruto may be stronger at the moment while Sasuke hasn't gotten much attention, this doesn't give Narutp fanboys a reason to gloat, people were saying the same thing before.
Let's turn back the clock to the invasion of Pain arc.
-Remember how at the beginning Sasuke showed very little skill with MS while Naruto had a whole arc devoted to showcase his SM abilities?

-But then Sasuke got an arc to fully develop his powers and by the time they crossed paths they were equal.

-Think of it like this, back then MS Sasuke as of chap.415 only knew Tsukiyomi and Amaterasu<SM Naruto, but MS Sasuke as of chap.484 fully mastered Susanoo and was>=Naruto.

My point is this, Naruto and Sasuke will be equal and Naruto's current power spike is no different than what happened earlier in the story. Saying BM Naruto>Sasuke for now may be true but it's a bit unfair to compare since one is "premature" for comparison at the moment.Naruto and Sasuke will be equal, the current gap doesn't change that. Remember, both can't be developed at the exact same time .