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    ミストガン (Mystogan) [V 1.1]

    I have no words for this...

    Basic Information

    Name: Mystogan
    Nickname: The Masked Man | Mistgun
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Clan: Nekura

    Looks: See Pictures

    Personality: Mystogan is a reclusive person. A few ANBU have stated that they knew what Mystogan looks like and what may be his true name, but when one began to reveal it, he was cut off by Mystogan before he could finish. He doesn't want people to see his face and so he hides his identity.
    Many of the people who have met Mystogan question who he really is, citing him as something of an enigma. The Mizukage states that Mystogan doesn't talk much, but despite his reclusiveness, Mystogan is extremely loyal to his village and its members and is willing to go to great lengths to protect it.

    Village Info.

    Village of Birth: Minas Morgul
    Village of Alliance: Kirigakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.

    Ninja Rank: Kage
    Specialty: Genjutsu | Keigoku | Fuuton
    Elements: Basic Five: Mastered | Rain: Test Passed
    Your ninjutsu: Genjutsu: Mastered | Taijutsu: C-rank | Ninjutsu: D-rank | Summoning’s: Condors & Bandicoots | NB Genjutsu: Starting | Custom Jutsu

    Background Info.

    History: Before Mystogan was born, his parents had run away from Amegakure, trying to escape the government who was going to separate them by sending his father to war. While wandering aimlessly, they stumbled upon a mountainous country found on no map, and were for one reason or another allowed to stay. And so Mystogan was born in Minas Morgul, a small village at the top of a mountain in the Demon Country, along with his twin brother, Jellal. When he was born, Mystogan had the Mark of the Demon over his right eye, having it develop due to the excess of the Juubi's foul chakra in the Demon Country while he was in his mothers womb; Jellal did not have the mark. Because Mystogan not only bore the Mark of the Demon, but also displayed more adept abilities of his new clan and being a ninja in general than his brother, he was his family's favorite. Mystogan was trained in the clan's jutsu and use of Keigoku as early as the age of five and was gifted with a basic staff by his father, while his brother was kept away from the clansmen (aside from his immediate family) until he bore the Mark. When he was eight years old, Jellal had a mark identical to his brothers tattooed on his face to trick the clansmen into thinking that the Mark had appeared, but they saw through the rouse and despised him even more. On his ninth birthday, Jellal ran away from Minas Morgul and the Demon Country.

    Living in a cut-off society, Mystogan learned of the Uchiha and the Sharingan, without knowing of the massacre. The Uchiha were still a powerful clan, the way Mystogan learned, and so he worked hard to be able to defeat the powerful clan at their own game. He developed his Genjutsu skills beyond that of a regular ninja, in preparation to place an Uchiha under genjutsu. When Mystogan was 16, he had mastered Fuuton and had perfected his Genjutsu skills as much as he could without any human to spar with who was vulnerable to it, and had learned as much about his natural abilities and the clan's jutsu as the Elders would allow. Mystogan then took his favored staff and left Minas Morgul on a trip to discover the world.

    On his trip around the world, Mystogan discovered that his brother had made a name for himself, having many people recognize him as Jellal. So in the first town he passed through, Mystogan purchased many layers of clothing to cover himself up in order to avoid people mistaking him for his brother. And so with his mask and cap covering his face, Mystogan set back off to discover the world, meeting many powerful ninja along the way. One ninja in particular whom he met put up a great battle, in which his staff was shattered. At the end of the battle, Mystogan escaped by coating his opponents field of vision with a smoke bomb. He then made his way to a small trade village, where he, along with a skilled carpenter, crafted five new staves to replace the one his father gave him.

    With his new staves and experience in the world outside of Minas Morgul, Mystogan packed up everything he had and left the trade village in the middle of the night to avoid bringing attention to himself. He then wandered off into a land filled with a thick mist, though in the darkness he couldn't notice. Lost in the darkness, Mystogan ran into a building and decided to take rest on top of it. Sitting on the roof, he looked over Kirigakure as the sun rose from the roof of the Mizukage's office. Then there was a hand on his shoulder, and Mystogan turned to see another masked man behind him. The man took him before the Mizukage, and after a meeting which took hours discussing how he got into the village, what he was doing there, his origin, and several other topics, Mystogan was allowed to remain in the village for the time being.

    Mystogan then lived in Kirigakure for three years, becoming a high-class ninja among the villagers. During his time in Kirigakure, he learned that his brother was an enemy of the village, and so he was even more careful about keeping his face hidden, though the Mizukage and a few other high-class ninja knew about it.

    While living in Kirigakure, Mystogan stayed to himself and the village as much as possible. He rarely went out on missions, and when he did leave the village it was always through secret routes and when they weren't under attack in case he was needed. Along his travels, he met a ninja named Gildarts who had defected from Iwagakure. Speaking with him, and learning more about his abilities with Explosion Release, Mystogan brought the rouge ninja to the border of Kirigakure, discussing with the Mizukage outside the village his predicament. After getting the Mizukage to allow his new acquaintance into Kirigakure, Mystogan lived his life alongside the carefree Gildarts, enjoying their secluded life, even for members of an island village shrouded in mist.


    All his life, Mystogan has used wooden staves as his main weapon in battle. In his possession are five staves with no abilities. His first staff is a long staff like the others and it has two curvy circles and on top of them is a skull with horns. His second staff is a staff with its head being round with a large red and yellow eye. His third and primary staff is a staff with its head being fan-shaped. This staff does have a known ability; being fan-shaped, fan-required jutsu can be used through it. His fourth staff is a staff with its head being a three-spiked fork. His fifth and final staff is a staff which looks like a number 3 with the upper part of the staff having three golden rings. In addition, as Mystogan has used staves all his life, he has grown adept to their usage and is capable of weaving handseals while holding onto a staff. Sometimes he even forgets that he's holding one.


    Mystogan is well-known for his abilities in genjutsu, once said to be just as dangerous, if not more than an Uchiha in this regard. His skill and training in Genjutsu has allowed Mystogan to be able to perform any Genjutsu with a single handseal.


    Being born into Minas Morgul and the Nekura clan, Mystogan has an innate ability to call upon and manipulate the foul chakra of the Juubi. When he was born, Mystogan had the clan’s tattoo, the Mark of the Demon, over his right eye, displaying him as a member of the clan and a user of Keigoku. His portals mainly take the shape of multi-colored circles with symbols around the edge (unless otherwise stated in the jutsu description). Being one of the lower ranked members of the Nekura clan, a Scourge, Mystogan was only allowed to learn the very basics of his clan's abilities.


    ^With his Mask^

    ^Without his Mask^

    Theme Song and Background Music:
    NYMl-KhtI">NYMl-KhtI" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" width="560" height="315" allowscriptaccess="always">

    • Mystogan most wants to fight either a member of the Uchiha clan, or his brother Jellal
    • Mystogan's hobbies are speaking in riddles, solving riddles, and training/sparring
    • Mystogan's favorite food is fresh bread while his least favorite is anything too sweet or sour
    • Mystogan's favorite word is "Nothing"/"Nowhere"/etc.

    Won: 5
    Lost: 6
    Incomplete/Tied: 12

    Updating Mystogan


    • Used New Custom Jutsu Thread
    • Added NB Gen Training
    • Added Passing the Rain Test
    • Expanded Slightly on History
    • Added Air Vents (Approved by Emperor via PM; this was before he was a mod, and just the head of the Nekura clan)

    ~Approved~ and removed air vents again. If Emperor wasn't even a mod, how could he give such permission? On top of that they fall under the domain of sound and you can't have sound and rain in the same bio.
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