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I would say yes with genjutsu, plenty of time.
However the only time he's activated Susano'o was near his death, to destroy Chibaku-tensei( not sure if that's the right name of the attack) & to seal Edo-Nagato, and several times activating limbs during Kabuto fight.

The parts we've seen him encountering someone were when:
Naruto ( implanted crow inside him )
Sasuke - used it used it this time
Edo-Nagato - used it this time
Kabuto - used it this time

sooooo 3/7 encounters, and the only time you see him spam Susano'o(activated for prolonged time) was (arguably during)Sasuke's fight and then Kabuto's. I don't see that as spamming. Though my statements and claims may not matter, still Itachi wasn't a predictable character to me. You may see him as one, but I've seen his battles comparing to Sasuke that he's a versatile and unpredictable ninja. No one even knew about Susano'o until he unleashed it, not to mention hiding Totsuka blade and Yata mirror in his possession.

You notice each time you said he didn't use it he mostly used genjutsu or black flames lol