Naruto Base. When I first was a non-member for a couple of years. I Noticed there were some really funaminable threads. Really there's a lot of people who I can say that without those threads I would not have been here today. It's true threads can influence people on how they think and can teach people to reason with one another. I have to thank Hashirama and his wood. Some of you may know him. Personally I thank him. He's the one who got me into this base and ever since I got here I have met a lot of beautiful people. And I can't thank you enough for keeping me from getting in trouble. Sincerely thank the Mods and the support staff and most importantly the members of this base.

People like myself like threads with facts. Information. And logical meanings. We can agree that those threads is what makes it to the hottest. There's some vs threads that are too controversial and some may lead to flame wars even with the person with the thread. Please. If you have a difference why not come to an agreement and keep the peace? We all have are differences. And we may not like the same people. But truth be told whatever we say is what we think. Why would you ask for are opinion when everytime some one comments they get a full fledge comment of how wrong you are. That's not right. We should all have a place int his to keep Naruto Base safe, clean, and most importantly a enjoyable place to hang. And I fall victim to fanboyism. I know some of you are not pleased with some of my threads.but we all can agree that there's just one thing that we all like. The show Naruto and are love for it. Thanks guys and I do hope you enjoy your threads like I have. Please thank the mods and there hard work and try to be considerate of others and people's time. Mods I can't thank you enough. I hope to be a mod some day. A goal.