Hello my name is UchihaObito nice to F**king meet ya first off id like to say im not an madara ,obito, or sasuke fanboy but be realistic Itachi isnt stronger than them.

Everyone who's making threads about "'Itachi > everyone 'he can take non rinnegan madara'" is just being a fanboy. 1st off Sasuke has Itachi's eyes so he has all of his ms techniques plus his own, Tsukuyomi, a better control of amaterasu, and infinite spammability (chakra allowing). Madara is the first person to have EMS that weve known and weve only seen one of its abilities and it was ridiculous;not to mention the shadow clone susano'o which defeated the 5 kage. He has the fan which is randomly OP and he has the best fire style techniques. Also as Kabuto tells us hes had senju dna added to him which makes him even stronger. Obito has Kamui and half a body of senju dna, as said by everyone people who are proficient with (or maybe just have an innate ability) their sharingan can break tsukoyomi and thats really Itachi's only weapon against other people. I know people are gonna bring up izanami but it took him forever to prepare it and i think he has a chance with izanami against tobi or sasuke (but he isnt likely to use it against sasuke since hes the only thing he wants to protect) But with Madaras susano'o shadow clones and rinnegan abilities he isnt likely to land it on him. He defeated the 5 kage, and itachi fights with abilities that Madara knows of already he doesnt have much of a chance.

If you stuck with me and read the whole thing then thank you and flame me as you please.
P.S. Itachi is one of my favorite characters in the series.