Kakashi : I..U..sorry Rin I broke my promise (crying even more)
Rin : It's fine...Kakashi...
Spiral Obito : Why..?? why did he do that..?? why..?? he promised me..he was my friend
Kakashi : (removing his hand) Goodbye Rin
Rin : (dead falls to the ground)
Spiral Zetsu : (Though I am stronger than Obito right now my body isn't able to match a human's body..Obito and I will die if we dont escape)
Kakashi : (runs away)
Spiral Obito : wait u bastard..!! Katon Goukakyuu no jutsu..!!
Kakashi : Chidori (charging it and running through the fireball)
Spiral Zetsu : (takes control of Obito and gets him back to Madara)
Madara : Ugghhh....arghhh..
Zetsus : whats happening..??
Madara : nothing (it must happen quickly)
Obito : (Falls and begins to cry)
Madara : so you witnessed a death of a close one..!! The pain is unbearable..!
Obito : Shut up..!! I will get my revenge..!!
Madara : In your current state u can't even break that rock how will you defeat a jounin leveled ninja
Obito : Grandpa Madara u are known to be the strongest among Uchihas..??
Madara : Yes..(coughs up blood) though I am weak now
Obito : then train me I want to match Kakashi's level he has surpassed me with a whole lot..!! I want revenge..!!
Madara : Fine ur training begins tomorrow (perfect)
Obito : and I would like to use this costume (spiral obito wraps around him) and from this day onwards call me Tobi....!!!